Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Madrid, SPAIN

My always first preference of traveling is NOT via a group tour. However, sometimes it was necessary to cover to places in a very short time. Like this Spain and Portugal tour. While I loved every bit of discovering everything, it's too rush and unfortunately, there was more time spent on the bus than actual traveling. However....a good trip. Not sure about the flying though as there are no direct flights to Madrid, so total stopover at Frankfurt is almost 20 hours of flying + waiting.  Seems like forever actually.

Whenever I travelled in the past, I always used a proper camera. This time, I had with me a lighter semi DSLR, an Olympus camera which I love. However, I changed my handphone to a Sony Xperia Z5, and I can tell you, it's a whole load of FUN. What sold me the Z5 was the camera. 23 MP. That said it all, and I took more than 2500 pictures with my new Z5 and hardly used the Olympus.  So, I can tell you the Z5 camera is really great, for me at least.

I need more time to sort out all those photos, so meanwhile, here's sharing some:

I love taking photos of tour buses, even though I didn't have time for the hop-on-hop-off bus. Love the colours :)

That's the thing with group tour, you maximize all time. Immediately after the getting our bags from the terminal, it's TOUR time. No time to rest or recover.
First stop was the Royal Palace. Beautiful, will write about it more.

To round up our first day tour of Madrid, we visited the Real Madrid stadium. My son is a huge fan of football, so nevertheless, he was very excited.  Interesting for me as in Malaysia, I dont know of anyone visiting any stadium if there is no match :)

See you all soon :)