Friday, 11 July 2014


At the back of my mind, there is always this blog. My blog. Though many things had happened, and good + happy ones since I stopped blogging, I have always remembered this blog and yearn for one day I will return. To reconnect with friends. To rediscover the fun of how blogging used to us. The reason I fell off blogging was, I don't even remembered why, but I blame it on the long post I force upon myself to do. Searching through too many photos etc. Blogging should be and must be fun. So, I decided I would like to blog again, posting stuff that I like, especially pictures. Wish me luck :)

This is an old photo from last year during my Korea trip. One of the highlights of the trip was going to the Museum. I loved it there, but the time was way too little. That was a problem when one goes on a tour. Tight schedule. See way too many things within a short span of time. Shoved into promo shops by tour guides that gets commission and there we had unlimited time. However, for the more important and interesting stuff, you get maybe half an hour max and we are all shooed into the bus to another destination. I actually expected that, and despite the travels, it was my first trip with a large group. Ah well, there is always a first time.

I love this shot of what the Koreans wore, must be a long time ago and probably no difference what what many other Asians worn too.

This must have been really old.  Worn and tattered but so interesting!!

And the Korean's version to a clog shoe I guess. 

Bye for now, Cheers to all :)