Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Upon arrival to Incheon, our first stop was to Nami Island.
A short boat trip and we were there. I think Nami Island is so well known because because of the Korean drama - Winter Sonata. I remembered watching part of it some 10 years ago, and at that time, the Korean wave had not really reached our shores. After this drama, Winter Sonata, Korean dramas, movies, songs and everything else Korean seem to have taken over.

A huge poster of the 2 actors from Winter Sonata.

Here's my 2nd daughter Eli, looking fashionable and preparing for Winter. We had to spend quite a lot to buy a whole new set of winter clothing for all 5 of us. The girls got lucky and borrowed the jackets from a wonderful aunt.

The famous walk way lined with trees. I imagine it must be very beautiful in other seasons too.

 Everywhere, all dried leaves are made into LOVE shapes, even the burning logs area. Can't believe that we actually looked forward to a warm area.

Eli. Who insisted on having matching beanie and gloves ;)

Happy week ahead.