Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Upon arrival to Incheon, our first stop was to Nami Island.
A short boat trip and we were there. I think Nami Island is so well known because because of the Korean drama - Winter Sonata. I remembered watching part of it some 10 years ago, and at that time, the Korean wave had not really reached our shores. After this drama, Winter Sonata, Korean dramas, movies, songs and everything else Korean seem to have taken over.

A huge poster of the 2 actors from Winter Sonata.

Here's my 2nd daughter Eli, looking fashionable and preparing for Winter. We had to spend quite a lot to buy a whole new set of winter clothing for all 5 of us. The girls got lucky and borrowed the jackets from a wonderful aunt.

The famous walk way lined with trees. I imagine it must be very beautiful in other seasons too.

 Everywhere, all dried leaves are made into LOVE shapes, even the burning logs area. Can't believe that we actually looked forward to a warm area.

Eli. Who insisted on having matching beanie and gloves ;)

Happy week ahead.

Friday, 13 December 2013


Back from Korea.
Back from Winter...I will not be missing winter anytime soon for sure. When I left Seoul, it was 2-3 celcius...and back here, it was 30 celcius. Huge jump but a very warm welcome.

We had lots of fun there and I will go back again soon.

Picture taken at Seoul airport.
Traditional head gear. I love the colours :)

Monday, 18 November 2013


Dear all

I have missed all my blog friends immensely.
Seriously, I looked at the date and was wondering what I did from the last blog date onwards. It happened to so many people I know..they just wondered off blog-land. However, I have been encouraging my daughter, Emi, to start a blog. So what better way, then to revive this blog and help her kick start hers.

As you all know, I live here in Malaysia, we only have one season. Or two.
365 days of summer and towards end of the year, like now..it's wet as monsoon kicked in.
Our monsoon is probably winter to the rest of the countries with 4 seasons. I had been busy, but more lazy in blogging.

Next month, I have a trip coming up to Korea where the whole family is going. So, I want to self-kick-start and revive this miserable and lonely blog again on a few posts on Korea. It will be the family's first winter experience. What is normal (winter) to my buddies across the pond, will be something totally new for all of us. Before we could even embark on the trip, we already had to spend tons on all the winter clothing and there's so many things to buy! Bear in mind, we have zero winter clothing and mainly flip flops and all summery stuff  to wear here. So, that's a huge gap in clothing there, plus limited shops selling them here. Naturally, anything connected to winter clothing is super expensive over here.

The children have been super excited to see snow for the first time. I am much less so because I don't really like very cold weather and wonder if I will even survive the trip in the first place. We have 3 nights up the moutains (brrr....I can almost feel the chill in my bones just thinking of it), and another 3 nights at capital city, Seoul. I am definitely very excited to see Seoul city, especially on the food and traditional houses part.

So, in a weeks plus+ , I will be off to Korea and seriously and secretly, I wished my husband had booked for Spring to see all those wonderful cherry blossoms in Korea...but for now, I have to look forward to the cold winter. Wish me luck :)

XOXO ...

Monday, 22 July 2013


I blogged and went off.
I even had to think twice what was the email I use to log in as I have more than one.
However, at the back of my mind, there this blog.
My Blog.
And I am missing so many friends here.
Many things happened.
Happy things.
Things I want to blog about.
So, now to sort out the hundreds of photos and start again.

Missing everyone :)