Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cameron Highland Resort

Cameron Highland Resort. Excellent place to unwind up in the mountain and wonderful cool air. This picture was taken early 2012 and soon will be going there again.

Have been away from blog land, but always missing everyone. People blog, stop, re-blog or live off completely. It's time to evaluate how I want to blog. Maybe not doing long pictures-travel posts which are so time consuming and draining. Time to change to something simpler, but most importantly, something I'd want to do more frequently.

Cheers :)


  1. Welcome back. That swing does look fun and what a pretty tree.

  2. Welcome back M.Kate .. I left your blog in my blog roll , just in case you came back to blogging ... I think it is an excellent idea to do simpler photo posts with a tiny bit of writing ... and maybe just a link to the place where the photo was taken .. so in this case people could click on Cameron Highland resort and have a read to see what it is like .. hope you don't mind me suggesting it .. Take care Anne

  3. Hello friend! I think simple is best. As much as I would like to, I don't have time to read lots of long blog posts. Of course, if you are just writing them as a sort of cyber diary for yourself and your family, and if you enjoy longer posts, by all means, do that. It's your blog! I'm just happy to get a little peek into your world once in a while!

  4. It is a lovely hotel- no wonder you're heading there again! I am in the same 'boat'. Am blogging less, writing less to make it manageable so as to still appear in cyberspace!! Have a good day!

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