Thursday, 29 November 2012


It's been raining crazy here. No winter, just our normal monsoon.
East Coast's islands are all closed. Travelling anywhere is a chore due to school holidays.

Meanwhile, I am dreaming and planning to go to Cambodia again. When I was there, the first thing I had in my mind was to bring my children there one day. To see a different set of life. To experience the culture.

I want to go and see this - again. THE Angkor Wat.
This picture was taken in 2008...about a year after I started blogging. Sorry, blog..I have neglected you, but never my blog buddies. They are always on my mind.  However, my blogging groove has come back (sort of haha!). You all know I cannot live long without blogging somehow :)

 Till then...soon...back to blog land yay!!