Monday, 28 May 2012


Hello all,
Sorry it took so long to do a post. Busy as usual, nothing new but missing everyone for sure. I am doing a post on this wonderful boutique hotel I stayed 2 months ago in Melaka. I love Melaka as it's very historical and it's joy walking along Jonker Street. Melaka has also been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.  Here's the place we stayed, Casa Del Rio which is situated just by the Melaka river.

This lovely reception greeted us.

Everyone was given shaved lemongrass ice, absolutely refreshing! I've never tried this before but it was perfect for a hot day :)

With all five of us, we took a 2 bedroom suite and this was our entrance.  The suite was like an apartment, but no cooking facilities.

 The living hall.

With onde-onde dessert to greet us. Onde-onde a favourite local Nyonya dessert with palm sugar as fillings covered with freshly grated coconut. Yummy!!

2 bathrooms for 2 rooms, both equally spacious. I would stay here again in the future for sure.

A 555 mini notebook. It was interesting and thoughtful to have this mini book which is handy. 555 books were widely used before the internet days where people carry them to jot down reminders, or when one have a 555 book with a local grocery store, it was used to record buying stuff on credit and to be paid at the end of the month. 

The hotel architecture has Portugese design everywhere, a tribute to its heritage.

I adore similar paintings all over the hotel lobby depicting Peranakan culture. Here a scene showing a traditional Chinese wedding in front of Melaka old shophouses, many still look exactly like in the picture.

Of course, no visit to Melaka is complete until we make a trip to Jonker Street. Lots of curiosity shops with vintage items.  Here's a peek of what's there...more to blog about in the future.

I'd also like to share these photos with you. Totally unrelated to my Melaka post and I will let you know why at the end.....

They are beautiful with great bodies, sexy and charming!

They are the performers of Calypso, Bangkok. I was there last weekend for a short business trip, going to Calypso again for the 3rd time, and this is actually my second post here. 
Biologically born male, they have undergone massive surgery to be female. Here, they perform nightly :)

Though it was  a busy business trip, I manage to finally go to a place I wanted to go for the longest time in Thailand.

Ayutthaya. The old capital of Siam. Here's a peek of the next post. I know, I have a lot of follow up posts after this....and I know, you are going to scroll up and have a look at those lady-boys again hehe :)

Happy blogging everyone :)