Thursday, 22 September 2011


There are two islands here. Pulau Pangkor, with more than 30 accommodation in one island, and then, there's Pangkor Laut - one privately owned island by the YTL group which specializes on high end and pure luxury resort.  For the longest time I have wanted to go here and am thrilled to have gone to Pangkor Laut.  The service in this island by far, is the best I have experience in all my travels and staying and hotels. Here are the photos:

Arriving at Pangkor Laut. We booked the garden villa but was really happy to be upgraded to stay at one of these water villas.

Reception area. We actually checked in earlier at the jetty at mainland where Pangkor Laut had an exclusive area to handle everything. So, when we arrived here, everything has been sorted out and most of the resort staff who talked to us, called us by name throughout the whole stay. Can't get better service than that.

Behind reception was the reading area, if you look at the back...there were two day beds for anyone wanting a good rest :)

Large comfy chairs everywhere.

Walking back to our Water Villa, beautiful Malay inspired wooden villas set against the rainforest as background. I love how they let nature and the resort merge together.

Our Water Villa!

A peek into the huge bathroom.

All corners of the sunken bath had windows which opened up to the sea.....

Another view of the bed. Everything was personalized with my name of the envelope. Love that Thai triangle pillow, great for reading and relaxing.

Our own private deck.

The resort's motto said it all.  The entire island is private and exclusive.

Fresh flowers on huge urn all over the resort.

We had lunch accompanied with their resident peacock, again loving how they allow wildlife roam around easily and I think the peacocks are so used to people as they were so tame.

Food was scrumptious! Our package came with 3 meals a day and upon checking in, we had lunch here and it was so good.

I went to my fav shop, Jim Thompson whom introduced Thai silk to the world in Thailand many years ago, but was lost till now in our very own Cameron Highlands. While Jim Thompson silks and products are easily available in Thailand, over here, they are sold exclusively only in the YTL resorts.

Ahh..the Pavarotti suite, he stayed here a long time ago.

Orchids everywhere.

Their swimming pool.

Have a great day everyone, will be doing Part 2 soon.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mooncake boxes

Hello everyone :)

Mid Autumn came and went and while everyone is eating moon cakes, I was more interested in the boxes!
Every year, I collect one or two boxes, mostly sent off to friends overseas because really, I am not interested in the mooncakes at all. Only in the boxes. This year, I bought 2 and so far, the box expensive ones.  The mooncakes are okay, nothing so crazily nice but then, I am not a huge fan of these cakes.  Have a look at the boxes!

The first one was a wooden box...

which has a metal clasp...

..that opens up to this 4 compartments!  When I saw it, I just have to buy it at whatever cost. I am very sure that cost of the box is many times more than the mooncakes. Inside each little compartment, holds one mooncake and each mooncake was of a different flavour. How can I not buy this?? Too pretty :)

The second one...also red, as always for the Chinese red is associated with happy occassions.  I fell in love with the box the moment I saw and it was a 'got to have it', front view.

And at the top view. Also 4 mooncakes inside of different flavours. I gave all the mooncakes away to my mother and friends, only kept one mooncake which was given away free for the children to eat. The box stays with me.

This pink one was from last year.  I keep it store small things.  These boxes makes me happy !

I have been wanting to post picture of my recent trip to Pangkor Laut, not Pangkor Island but Pangkor Laut, a 5 star private island owned by YTL.  Will do that soon when I sort out those hundreds of pictures, here's a peek:  A favourite photo of mine from Pangkor Laut, taken just outside our water villa.

This was the villa we stayed, will blog all about it soon :)

As usual, I have so many people to visit now :)