Monday, 18 July 2011

PORT DICKSON - Legend International Water Homes

Hello everyone :) I hope all my blog friends are doing well and how time flies, it's mid year now.

It seemed to be a long time since the family went for a holiday, so we decided to take a short drive to Port Dickson for a night's stay.  We chose this place, Legend International Homes and am happy to share the photos here.

Upon arrival, the resort sent us to our water chalet via buggy, so it was fun to sit that and not walk all the way.

These are the water chalets and going through the narrow walkway.

The resort have garden and water chalets, but we decided to take up the water chalets as it gave some view of the ocean.We chose the Executive Water Chalet and at 826 sqf, it's huge a family and almost a size of a mini apartment.  Best part was the chalet came with 2 King sized beds, so it was perfect for our family.

Upon entering, we saw the glass panel which we could see through the bottom. When I took the photo, it was in the afternoon, so there's no sea water in yet.  Yet mud, so it's not very exciting. However, even with the sea water in...there's not much to see as the water is not the clearest of all, but still fun to have this feature in the chalet.

View of the pantry.

Nice toiletries set...afterall, not all resort give us such luxury sets.

The shower are opens up to the sea...if you dont mind the neighbours seeing you.

Looking all all the previous pictures, they are just standard hotels and resorts trimmings, however, this place have something a big more special. It has its own private pool! Views from inside pantry.

View from our room. Part outdoor and part covered pool with a outdoor shower.  Fully private so you can swim however and whenever you want to :)

View from the pool into our pantry.

I checked out a lot of review of this place and everyone had a good review of the place. The main building is nothing fancy and pretty boring and ordinary, but the private villas is something else. No wonder most families spent most of their time in the water chalet or villas, just like my kids did.  It's not a very big pool but there was lots of fun for them.

Eli trying to do a back flip.....

This view was from our water chalet from the outside, taken during late evening. More photos around the resort.

Huge money plants creeping outside most chalets.

In the evening, we took a stroll around Port Dickson, not the clearest beach but it's the nearest one to main cities in KL, so many people are always here on the weekend.

The kids playing around their KMX ride rental. I rented a bicycle for an hour, though I only managed to cycle properly for half. Considering I have not cycled for ages, the first half hour had me hovering or hobbling over my bike and trying not to run into any pots or people along the way.

It was a very busy weekend as I went over the see our flower display when we checked out. Will blog out that later.  Have a great week everyone :)