Monday, 21 February 2011

Bunnies everywhere

Hello everyone. Chinese New Year came and went. I was busy being busy. Many have finished their Chinese New Year post and move on, so here's my late post.

Emy posing at one of the local mall.

As usual, there were plenty of Chinese handicrafts everywhere and everything are mostly in usual.

We saw the very long dragon dance and so difficult to take a good picture with all those movements and people around.  Dragon or lion dances to bring in new and happy energies with their loud noises and movements.

In case you don't know, it's the year of the Rabbit, so we had plenty of rabbit images in every shopping centres.

Another place promoted Chinese opera. Every mall will have a theme where musicals, decorations and everything else are based on a specific theme.

On their last day of their performance, I was there but it was a little dissapointing because it was just dances and not the actual opera.

Here was one of the actual opera costume on display.

A close up of the details.

If you had the chance the see a real opera, one of the performers would probably look like this (image from TV).

I am guessing he must be the villain :)

More decor elsewhere. Small and large lanterns everywhere and more bunnies greeted us.

Here are my furry friends from blogland - Sydney, Tyler, Amelia and Harriet from The Qi Papers wishing all a very belated happy Chinese New Year.  Picture courtesy of my good friend, Diana :)

Now.. I've got to visit everyone.

Happy week ahead.......