Thursday, 13 January 2011


Hello all,

Happy New Year...sorry, it's a late one but I have missed everyone.  After being pestered by a friend to complete my Hanoi post, here's one on eating there, but still lots of photos and a few more posts to go before I complete Hanoi.

We asked around  for authentic Vietnamese cuisine and not wanting to eat on the streets, this came highly recommended.  I hope I get all dishes right as I can't even remember what I ate a few days ago...let alone this was a few months ago. So, we ate here.........

This place reminded me so much of a hotel I stayed, the Majestic in Malacca. One of the most fabulous hotel ever in Malacca.  Here's the entrance. If you haven't read my post on Majestic, go here to read it. It's one of my all time favourite hotel to stay.

Inside the reception area.

Around the restaurant...

Of course, let's talk about the most important part..the food :)  Chinese or Vietnamese tea to start off...

For the starter, we loved the spring roll.

Mango salad with lots of peanuts reminded me of Thai salad - good too :)

For washing fingers....and not for drinking.

Next came the crispy soft shell crispy you could eat the whole crab, shell and all.

Clear clam soup was okay.  Just throw in some garlic, small chillies and loads of lemongrass will do the trick.

Fish fillet in mango sauce...

and finally, some mixed fresh mushroom...

..and of course, top it all off with white rice :)

Let's go street shopping in Hanoi the next time. 

Have a good week...or weekend you all and I've got so many blogs to visit now.

Cheers :) M