Monday, 6 December 2010

Still on Sydney

Hello everyone and hope your weekend was good.  While we were in Sydney, we took a day tour as it saves time and the advantage of the tour was you do get some of the best views ever. After the cold in the mountains, it was very welcoming here. The weather was fine and just wonderful to see everything :)

Loved the views here!

The famous Opera house!

We stopped by Bondi beach, bright and sunny!

At the end of the tour, we were dropped off at Darling Harbour and got the chance to walk around and be closer to the Opera House.  Obviously it was a very busy area with many people around taking photos.

Walking around and the kids took pictures with some Aboriginals performing. He was showing Elissa how to use the boomerang...but not really throwing it. I really like this picture I thought taking pictures with them was definitely a highlight of the day.

We could not miss the chance to hop on the Captain Cook's luncheon cruise to have another beautiful views of everything. Highly recommended and should not be missed.

 More views from our boat.

When we finished off the cruise, the kids wanted to go here :)

Kids got the chance to get up close again with the Koala :) 

Some re-production of aboriginal paintings within the Wildlife centre.

Kangaroos enjoying the sun :)

At the Sydney Aquarium, looking at this picture one would thought it was taken from a beach...

Leaving Darling Harbour..

..and going to Sydney tower.. have a 360 view of Sydney...

This was one of the views..

We took a walk back to our hotel at Hyde Park Inn, not exactly very near but it was a good walk and we were happy to have did that as we got to stroll pass the Queen Victoria Building.  They had the largest Swarovski Christmas Tree inside and from here, you could see part of it.

Upon entrance at the ground floor, this was the base of the tree. If you look up, you cant actually see the whole tree as it was huge but it was certainly very pretty.  It was covered with lots of swarovski crystal and as pretty as it looked, one cannot touch or take any crystal away..

Have a great week everyone :P  Stay warm for those having winter now and it's still sunny over here with lots of rain due to monsoon season.