Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Docklands, Waterfront City, Melbourne

I hope everyone had a good time shopping. I know I have and still lots of Christmas shopping to do..seems like never ending. The malls here are all fully decorated with everything Christmas-y, the children are excited and with the school holidays on, it only meant busy and packed everywhere.

Going on to Melbourne.  When I was looking for a place to stay in Melbourne, somehow, I stumbled upon Docklands. I had no idea where or how it was but looking at the website while scouting for an apartment, I really liked Studio Lane, Docklands.  Jason, our contact there was super helpful with lots of information about Docklands. Studio Lane was the home to Harbour Town shopping , which was a brand new direct outlet area. We lived a lift away and just above Harbour Town and obviously very popular on weekends as it was so crammed on the free tram.  I was sold on the idea by Jason, shopping at Harbour Town downstairs, 3 minutes tram ride to Melbourne City and the   Free City Shuttle bus  came round every hour or so.

The apartment we stayed was practically brand new. We had a two rooms with a sleeping couch, just perfect for a family of 5. I am sure there are plenty of nice place to stay in Melbourne, but if you want to stay close to the city and have the Waterfront City within reach, plus retail shopping at door step, here's the place.

This was the apartment we stayed. Very clean, it had everything you want for cooking, dishwasher, washing machine (so good to go home with clean clothes :), dryer, iron, fridge..a complete home to stay for a few days.

My blog friend Gina recommended DFO, which I did go in Melbourne.  DFO was good, but I have to say our preference was here - Harbour Town shopping. Maybe because we lived just above and got everything we wanted.

There was a free city tourist bus frequently here but we preferred the free City tram to the city and all the tourist areas we wanted to go. Super convenient!  If we missed it, we just hop on the pay tram. We did sat the wrong tram two times, but just hop off to either Flinders Street or Southern Cross Station, and we were on the right track. BTW, Docklands is the first (or last) stop for this tram.

Here's Danial dozing off while taking a ride to the city.

Photo taken outside our apartment's balcony.

The Waterfront City was just a five minutes walk from our apartment and here's sharing the pictures. A wonderful place with lots of fine dining facilities.

Enjoying sunset at Waterfront City. Go to here for more information. It was a beautiful place and I think not to be missed and I would stay here again the next time.

A fav shot of mine. Though it looked gloomy here, it did not rain and we had perfect weather throughout our stay in Melbourne.

Cheers to all :P


  1. my husband went to Melbourne yesterday. I did consider going, but the fare was $1000, andd I got no money to shop, so I stayed home and blog instead.

    Would have been nice if we met up.

  2. I can see why the last photo is a fave of yours! Wow! That's stunning M! Yes, Melbourne is quite the city for shopping and it sounds like you did your fair share! I'm wondering if a foodie post is in the works? Melbourne is also quite the place for really good food and awesome coffee! I just love your photos!!! Hope you're having a good start to the week. Almost Christmas! Yikes!!!

  3. There's such a beautiful light in your photos tofay M.Kate! I'm in awe!
    I also love the huge reindeer - funny place to see one:)
    Have a beautiful day dear friend:)

  4. Seems like a busy day. Don't you just love the Melbourne trams? Nice apartment you've got there too!

    Also, to answer your pasta question:
    Italian flour is a flour that is just milled thinner, is stronger, and has a higher protein content. It creates a lighter product. But you can easily substitute it for plain flour. I do think, however, it is rather easy to find and is in the baking aisle of a normal supermarket. May also be labelled as 00 Tipo Flour, 00 Flour, Italian Flour, Pasta Flour, Grade 00 Flour. Otherwise, I've read you can make up your own substitute by mixing 1 part pastry flour with 3 parts plain flour.

    Good luck! It tastes far better.

  5. Melbourne is a very beautiful city but the shops close so early. I dont get to shop much cause our free time is only at night when I last visited there.

  6. Hi sweet friend, It's always so good to have you visit my blog. And I always love seeing what you have been up to. Australia is a country I have always wanted to visit, and would especially love to be there for the Australian Open...sigh....maybe some day. xoxo Merry Christmas

  7. This place is so beautiful. So good to stay in an nice apartment with all the amenities and hop around town like a local.

  8. Melbourne looks sooo BEAUTIFUL! More & more I would love to see Australia... you post clinches the idea, M.Kate! ;o) Glad you all had a great time. That last photo has me dreaming...mmm... Thanks for the fun here, my friend. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  9. You got some amazing photos of the city! I love the next to last photo! Very inspiring! Looks like some great shopping...and everyone had fun! Shopping can be tiring though! Enjoy your week, sweet friend! ♥

  10. I'd love to visit Australia one day, M Kate. It would be a long trip from my area. Melbourne does look like a great shopping area and the apartment you rented looked very nice!

  11. Hi! Nice sceneries you have shared here, I love the sky very much!

    p/s: Thanks for stopping by My Little Sprouts, keep well and have a nice day!;)

  12. Hai there!
    Nice photos! I've never been to Australia before, really wish to visit it too~
    You take care!

  13. The previous posts & pics brought back great memories! Haven't been to Melbourne though & it looks fabulous, like the rest of Australian cities. Would be wonderful to live there someday! Warm wishes from Tokyo & Hotter wishes soon from Dubai !

  14. Beautiful photographs! Last year we wanted to go to Australia but we had problems in getting Visas.

  15. M.Kate thanks so much for visiting. My posts are a bit slow at the moment as there is so much going on but I am trying to keep up when I can.

    Your blog is fantastic and wonderful photos. My Sister-in-law lives in Sydney and we have family in Adelaide but I have not been to Melbourne. Hope to see you soon. Diane

  16. Wonderful photos! Thanks for taking us there with you. ;-)


  17. What a fantastic holiday you are having Kate. I just loved these posts as I have a brother in Melbourne and had another brother in Sidney.

  18. Looks like great shopping and a great place to stay! Even better than the shopping is right near your door :)

    Great shots, I'm enjoying your posts of your trip! What a terrific time!

  19. Looks like you found the perfect spot to stay in, everything provided and shopping and travel right outside the door. How much better can it get?


  20. what a trip you are having! That apartment looks perfect, especially the location.
    : )

  21. wonderful photos! And yes I hope I get to go to where you are some day. It is so different from this ice and snow land :) Have a nice weeked my friend

  22. it sounds like a great plaace to be for a lot of reasons.
    Thanks for visiting Chandler a to z.

  23. That is so smart that you found an apartment to stay in! I would have never thought of that...I guess I don't travel enough to know what's available...much better than a hotel!

  24. Hi M. Kate! Excellent pictures, wonderful post!! One day I'll get to Melbourne; I'm dreaming of that since the 1956 Olympic Games... ;)

    Blogtrotter Two is moving south on the Nile: water, greenery and desert… Enjoy and have a great week!

  25. What a lovely place. The skies were amazing. My fav sculpture is the mushroom. Would you believe I have never been on a tram?!

  26. Nice view of Melbourne, especially the waterfront.

  27. Fab photographs M.Kate!!!!
    It's fun o travel with you! Appreciate your taking us along!
    And you are right! the last photo is excellent, but so is the one above, and the one above it too!! You are great with your photos and words!
    Thinking of you & yours!



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