Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Docklands, Waterfront City, Melbourne

I hope everyone had a good time shopping. I know I have and still lots of Christmas shopping to do..seems like never ending. The malls here are all fully decorated with everything Christmas-y, the children are excited and with the school holidays on, it only meant busy and packed everywhere.

Going on to Melbourne.  When I was looking for a place to stay in Melbourne, somehow, I stumbled upon Docklands. I had no idea where or how it was but looking at the website while scouting for an apartment, I really liked Studio Lane, Docklands.  Jason, our contact there was super helpful with lots of information about Docklands. Studio Lane was the home to Harbour Town shopping , which was a brand new direct outlet area. We lived a lift away and just above Harbour Town and obviously very popular on weekends as it was so crammed on the free tram.  I was sold on the idea by Jason, shopping at Harbour Town downstairs, 3 minutes tram ride to Melbourne City and the   Free City Shuttle bus  came round every hour or so.

The apartment we stayed was practically brand new. We had a two rooms with a sleeping couch, just perfect for a family of 5. I am sure there are plenty of nice place to stay in Melbourne, but if you want to stay close to the city and have the Waterfront City within reach, plus retail shopping at door step, here's the place.

This was the apartment we stayed. Very clean, it had everything you want for cooking, dishwasher, washing machine (so good to go home with clean clothes :), dryer, iron, fridge..a complete home to stay for a few days.

My blog friend Gina recommended DFO, which I did go in Melbourne.  DFO was good, but I have to say our preference was here - Harbour Town shopping. Maybe because we lived just above and got everything we wanted.

There was a free city tourist bus frequently here but we preferred the free City tram to the city and all the tourist areas we wanted to go. Super convenient!  If we missed it, we just hop on the pay tram. We did sat the wrong tram two times, but just hop off to either Flinders Street or Southern Cross Station, and we were on the right track. BTW, Docklands is the first (or last) stop for this tram.

Here's Danial dozing off while taking a ride to the city.

Photo taken outside our apartment's balcony.

The Waterfront City was just a five minutes walk from our apartment and here's sharing the pictures. A wonderful place with lots of fine dining facilities.

Enjoying sunset at Waterfront City. Go to here for more information. It was a beautiful place and I think not to be missed and I would stay here again the next time.

A fav shot of mine. Though it looked gloomy here, it did not rain and we had perfect weather throughout our stay in Melbourne.

Cheers to all :P