Thursday, 28 October 2010


KLCC is a cool place to hang out. A group of colleagues and I went there one evening to have dinner here at KLCC.

Despite the expensive bill, the food was 'just okay'. No wow factor and I doubt if I am popping here again.  It was just too average compared to the price.  The only thing we loved was the soup...some seafood tom yum which was delicious...but then it came in just a few spoonfuls in a humongous plate! Other than that...the rest were not exciting :(

We loved walking outside KLCC at night and this is my 3rd or 4th posts on KLCC. With the twin towers illuminated, they are just beautiful with two huge towers with diamonds sparkling at night. Until  Taipei 101 took over in 2004, it was the tallest towers in the world from 1996 to 2003. Outside, there is a huge garden for everyone to stroll around and enjoy the night breeze. I love the sight of these towers and wish to walk on that skybridge connecting both towers.

After dinner, we walked over to this favourite place whenever I am here in KL.  It was a good 10 minutes walk from KLCC to Traders Hotel and on their 33rd floor, you will find this...the SKYBAR. A half-open air bar which another fav hangout for many people. Dressing code is strict and do watch the steps while walking on the edge of the pool. It was interesting to note that all my colleagues lived within the 100km parameter from Kuala Lumpur, but none has been here before. It was a first for them..but I am sure wont be the last.

It's packed on weekends and reservation is required....especially if you want a good seat and view.

So, we booked early to ensure that we sat at the window to get this view. It's the best view ever of the Twin Towers.  By the way, this guy is a very good friend and colleague of mine. We worked together from the day I started work and he will retire soon next year. It seems that we have worked forever and I am so thankful he has been around supporting me for the longest time ever.

Their satay was good, not the used to be the best, but good  is ok for us.

Here are the Twin Towers :)

Thank you everyone for the good wishes...but the flu bug just would not go away, it's lingering at home way much longer than desired.

Have a fab weekend :)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Hello everyone :)

Sorry, I have been so slacking in blog-land nowadays. Not busy but just lazy. It's days like these that I like to do nothing at all but laze at home...well, it's been weeks actually.  The girls' friends came and went for two weekends, and what a tiresome time!  Cooking, driving and looking after them is no easy work but it's over and I told my daughters, their friends can visit next year will be very good, better the year after.

I have been wanting to take pictures of Batu Caves for the longest time. The last time I was there with my camera and happily trotting around and was frustrated to find the battery was dead :( No picture. So, when I had to go somewhere nearby for an appointment, I didn't miss the chance to take some pictures. If there is one place one have to visit in Kuala Lumpur, it would be this location, the BATU CAVES. The caves are from limestone, for more infor, go to

All 272 steps of it will bring you to the caves....but I passed.  Not sure if I make up it halfway ...let alone back down another 272 steps.

Some prayers were offered inside one temple.

I stepped in, shoes off (as in most religious places..) and took some pictures. So, here's sharing some of them and since I am not an expert in Hindu deities or their prayers procedures, I'll just leave you with pictures.  I do love the colours of everything.

Finally, I got to take pictures of Lord Murugan. Taking his pictures are all about the details......and this is the time when I am so happy with my new camera!  That zoom sure came handy :)

Not sure about you, but when I take pictures, I love all those small this case, not so small at all.

The Lord Murugan in Batu Caves is the tallest Hindu deity of it's kind in the world. I find this link a must read for anyone interested in a short and precise information of the statue and festival celebrated. Go here:

This Lord Murugan is 42.7 meter tall !!  Find more infor here: :

Come early of any year, a huge festival, Thaipusam is celebrated by more than 1 million devotees and people visiting Batu Caves in honour of Lord Murugan.  Another must read here :

That's all for now. The flu season is at and me aren't well and as usual, I have many blogs to visit. Have a good week ahead.......Love/M