Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Swiss Garden, Kuantan

There's a saying..the only thing that is constant is change.  I had a Sony Cybershot for years, took thousands of pictures and when the laptop nearly crashed, all I cared for was the pictures to be saved. Then at a trip to Kapas Island, water was in contact and it died. So, I bought a DSLR which I love as it captures night and fast moving pictures well.  However, anyone who owns a DSLR will tell you it's bulky and heavy too. No whipping from my pocket  to take here I am playing with the new point and shoot camera.  By the way, I've short hair all my life and then I kept it really long for the past 3 years.  So, it's time for a change....both the camera and the hair...

So...Emi and I decided to cut both our hair's clowning in front of an optical shop :)

No, I didn't turn the picture upside down...took it randomly overhead.  I do note that some bloggers are fine with posting their pictures...some, I'll probably never day perhaps.

With a long public and school holidays, we took a short break at the East Coast.  The weather was hot and humid as usual but we were happy we had some showers to cool down the heat.

We have always stayed at Hyatt, Kuantan and haven't stayed in Swiss Garden for a long time. So, we hopped over to see if it's better than Hyatt. Well, it was not...but for a 4 star, it was just okay.

Here's the room. We got upgraded to sea view, so that was a bonus.

View of the pool from the room. As expected, it was crowded due to holidays.

Testing the zoom power and it was good :)

I didn't go into the spa but I had a good feeling it would be great being there.

Outside the Samsara spa.

East Coast beaches aren't the best unless you are take a speedboat to one of the islands.  However, it was good and relaxing to be here...but since I am no big fan of the sea, a stroll around was good enough.

With many restaurants closed, we opted to eat here. Translated it means Ana's grilled fish with --petai-- stinky beans! That was a first for us. The fish was nothing so fantastic but with a huge crowd...the service was horrendous!

Here's the grilled fish with the stinky beans...just bits of it you could hardly see. BTW, stinky beans do not emit any smell. It is an acquired taste though, you either love it or not. Crunchy with a very mild bitterness and you'll experience the 'stinky' aftermath when you go to the toilet. A definite must try for those who haven't eaten it.

It's another public holiday here, we are celebrating our first time ever 1Malaysia Day.  I do hope the Government can be clearer in outlining the meaning of 1Malaysia, otherwise, people are just happy it's another holiday not really understanding the true meaning of it. For Malaysians, do you?

Bye for now, I've got so many blogs to visit :)