Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Breaking Fast at Sepang

It's Ramadhan time here where Muslims worldwide fast from early morning till late evening.  For everyone else, it's also a time to feast when breaking fast. Endless food promotion in every town and city with afternoon bazaar set up. It's an annual affair here with the office staff and for years, we have been having our meals in another hotel.  When this resort opened up not long ago, I thought a change would be good.

It's super expensive, ranging from USD200 per person for a full night stay with food included, this is not a resort for just anyone.  Totally not affordable and obviously targeting for the foreign market.  One of the offices I am based in about 90 km from my home and since I was there, we booked for breaking fast together at the Golden Palm Tree resort in Sepang.  Driving from the office to this godforsaken place, meandering through small town and villages in the rain, I was talking to the staff that the food better be good and worth the trip.  Considering the buffet was one of the most expensive we have ever eaten and it was too exclusive that we were not allowed to even drive into the lobby.  However, a buggy took us from parking area to lobby and here are some shots taken.  Since we didn't stay there, we were not allowed to roam around freely.

Pictures from the web, to give you an overall view of the resort.

Closer look at the all from their official website,

 These are from me...not the best as it was raining then.

View from the lobby, looking out to the sea ---- murky water btw.

Their inhouse buggy taken guests from lobby to chalet..and you do have to be a registered guest staying there. So, no roaming around on your own.

As expected, the lobby was huge, airy and spacious.

Then, I looked up and was very impressed with what I saw overhead...the largest lighting cum cane structure ever! ..and it was really pretty.

Of course what's breaking fast without food pictures. Our satay and I am not saying its the best in this place but Malaysian satay definitely beats Thai or Indonesian anytime.

A must to eat during this Raya festival. Glutinuous rice wrapped in banana leaf steamed inside bamboo and beef rendang.

Another favourite, sambal prawns...these were huge and cooked in spices. It was hot but good too.

Overall, the food was worth the trip and better than the other 5 star hotel we used to eat. 

Now I've got to visit everyone. Happy week ahead.