Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Through blog life, I have found some of my best friends ever, many are not local and I am so happy to know them.  I do hope that I can meet up with all of them one day.  I met up with Keats from and Autumn Belle from, both are awesome bloggers and have contributed much in blog land on their articles of Malaysia.  Through tea and coffee, we talked about both the fun and down part of blogging.  It was really good to have met you both and would like to thank Autumn for this award.

Another thanks to Claire from who wrote to me to inform on this award.  I am glad that this blog has been chosen and visitors can learn more about the places I have been or on articles I have written.  

It's now 3 years since I've started blogging. I've seen blogs come and go, and fully understand the joy plus pressure of blogging at times. It's a battle for me too. Curious as to why many unknown people are looking at this blog and glad to find out they are reading posts that hopefully will give them some insights to our local culture or travel information.  I've gone from hardworking to lazy, preferring to post only on interesting articles if I have any.  There were times when I wanted to go 'private' or even shutting it down but decided not to. I don't know why but must be the yo-yo moody feeling I have, come to think of if..much like my diet anyway - up and down haha!  However, still a huge thank you for my friends..almost all of them in my blog-list are beyond just blogging - I love you all!

July is a busy month for me, not on work but on travel. I've got 2 traveling agenda up and there will be much to blog about then.

Cheers :)