Monday, 10 May 2010


It was the same weekend for Emi's birthday (below, left) and also Mothers Day. She turned 13 this year and while I can't deny she is growing up so fast. I wish they don't grow up so fast.

When you are visiting Kuala Lumpur, you should pop over to this place. Since we haven't been there for some time, so we went here:

Some meat eating Piranhas greeted us.

Apart from fishes, there were bugs and butterflies too.

I saw my favourite, the distinctive black and electric green bird-wing butterfly, the Rajah Brooke, named after James Brooke who was also well known as Rajah Brooke. He was the Englishman who was sort of ruled Sarawak in the early 1830's. These butterflies are available mainly in Borneo and West Malaysia too.

Loved this spotted stingray!

When we finished the first level, we had to go down to another level and this huge glass tank greeted us.

Even the pig snouted turtle posed for my camera!

Loved this sad looking lion fish.

The highlight of the trip was going through this tunnel. It almost felt like we were inside the ocean.

The Sand tiger shark.

This looks like a giant squid doesn't it?

Another star of Aquaria, the Giant Fan Tail Manta Ray. It was huge!

This alien looking guy is a Chambered Nautilus.

Jelly fishes.

Finally what is a celebration without food. So, we went here:

The kids wanted to eat the famous 'ABC' or ais batu campur, meaning shaved ice with sweet corn, syrup, cincau and many other stuff inside. Great to eat on a hot day!

The kids and I had their well known 'nasi bojari', or bojari rice. It came with fried chicken, beef rendang and assam (sour) prawns..yummy :)

Husband tried the 'assam laksa', hot, spicy and sour soup with noodles.

The best dish I would say is this, satay! Available everywhere and eaten by all. However, their beef version was very tender and well marinated. Eaten with peanut sauce..and I am in heaven :)

This lotus hibernated for more than a year before blooming again, so I am happy.
Meanwhile, it's been a busy week here, will visit everyone soon..have a great day and weekend.