Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It's busy as usual. My garden has been a mess with tons of digging. Koi fishes has to be relocated to make way for a proper pond.

After one week, it is done but will show pictures later. Meanwhile, everyone seems to be interested in this flower. I don't know the scientific name for it, we all call it the 'bird flower' because it resembles a bird. Check it out :)

Another 'bird flower' version I have.

Meanwhile, inspired by Tracy and Constance, I am crazy over orchids for now. Green and white ones...

..huge purple ones, nope, don't know their names either..

...even curly ones too!!

So, weekends are for gardening and eating too. We ate here and loved it!!

The salad was yummy!

We had the famous Kelantanese 'nasi dagang', rice with pickled vege, salted eggs and some beef curry.

One of the kids has rice with 'ayam percik'..chicken cooked with herbs and coconut.

Emi's favourite - chicken rice.

On another occasion, more rice dishes continued. Emi's version of nasi dagang, rice with fish curry.

Eli had the beef version, both really good too.

I had the all Malaysians' fav, asam laksa. Rice noodled cooked with lots of fish, tasting both hot and sour, topped with cucumbers. By now, I am sure Ann is hungry :)

The kids love this drink, sugar syrup with basil seeds.

Meanwhile, mine was a lemongrass drink...they do taste divine in cold :)

I have been busy, always busy anyway. Kids are sick and so am I. Flu season. Saw the doctor the other day and she did a mini 'check up'. She said I had to exercise more...what's new, blood pressure is high and the weight have to go down. So, while I am seeing all these yummy food, I am munching out of a huge bowl of salad for lunch..and resigned to the fact this is what I will be eating for a long time haha!

Bye for now and cheers :)