Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It's busy as usual. My garden has been a mess with tons of digging. Koi fishes has to be relocated to make way for a proper pond.

After one week, it is done but will show pictures later. Meanwhile, everyone seems to be interested in this flower. I don't know the scientific name for it, we all call it the 'bird flower' because it resembles a bird. Check it out :)

Another 'bird flower' version I have.

Meanwhile, inspired by Tracy and Constance, I am crazy over orchids for now. Green and white ones...

..huge purple ones, nope, don't know their names either..

...even curly ones too!!

So, weekends are for gardening and eating too. We ate here and loved it!!

The salad was yummy!

We had the famous Kelantanese 'nasi dagang', rice with pickled vege, salted eggs and some beef curry.

One of the kids has rice with 'ayam percik'..chicken cooked with herbs and coconut.

Emi's favourite - chicken rice.

On another occasion, more rice dishes continued. Emi's version of nasi dagang, rice with fish curry.

Eli had the beef version, both really good too.

I had the all Malaysians' fav, asam laksa. Rice noodled cooked with lots of fish, tasting both hot and sour, topped with cucumbers. By now, I am sure Ann is hungry :)

The kids love this drink, sugar syrup with basil seeds.

Meanwhile, mine was a lemongrass drink...they do taste divine in cold :)

I have been busy, always busy anyway. Kids are sick and so am I. Flu season. Saw the doctor the other day and she did a mini 'check up'. She said I had to exercise more...what's new, blood pressure is high and the weight have to go down. So, while I am seeing all these yummy food, I am munching out of a huge bowl of salad for lunch..and resigned to the fact this is what I will be eating for a long time haha!

Bye for now and cheers :)


  1. Wonderful images, yes our worlds are different. And all those food makes me hungry. Have a nice week my friend. Hugs

  2. Flowers and Food... all so scrumptious, M. Kate! I would love a bowl of that asam laksa right now! :o) I'm on a detox though, so can't have for real--but fun to dream...hahaha! I am sorry to hear that you & the children have been unwell. Do hope you both will be feeling better soon. And hope you're blood pressure goes down. The orchids are dazzling--LOVE those curly ones! That is one kind I've not seen here. Very exciting about the new pond--when will it be ready & the koi can move in? Happy Days, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

  3. Hi Kate,

    You and I shall have bowls and bowls of the yummy salad. We don't have to feel guilty and our blood pressure won't go up.

    I am interested in that lemon grass tea. When I was still in Singapore, I googled about the drink. I was growing a lot of lemon grass so I mademyself some hot lemon grass tea. with honey.

    My friend said very good to expel wind, won't get rhuematism in future.

    Alas, here, lemon grass is so expensive. I have learnt to improvise and not use it for my cooking.

    Now, you make yourself a big pot of lemon grass tea and go to sleep. When you wake up, you flu will be gone.

    Oh yes, you also can have a hot lemon grass tea.

  4. Wow your photo of food makes me drool. I loves the ayam with all the spices and thick gravy. It must have tasted so good. I hope all's well with the fish pond. Try taking pineapples, good for lowering blood pressure.

  5. Oh a pond! How wonderful! I wanted to make one here but as we are selling up in theory (no buyer yet) I will wait until the new house. Wonderful wonderful!

    Ooo delish food. Love the idea of a basil seed drink. I love the smell of fresh basil.

    Oh and the flowers are looking so beautiful.

    Get well soon -chicken soup. :-)

  6. A drink with basil SEEDS? love that! The flowers are so gorgeous. Check out Blood Type Diet/Genotype Diet for weight loss
    Really works to change the metabolism and even genetic expression.

  7. Lucky you! That koi pond will be a beautiful feature and your orchids are exquisite. The food, oh yum!

  8. All of the dishes look marvelous! Salad is always good, too...it's hard to do everything we need for good health! Love the Lemongrass drink. I'm going to try to find out how that is made! Hope you and the kids feel better soon! ♥

  9. ooh, i'm so curious about that basil seed drink and lemongrass drink - I've never tried any of these! And of course, the food looks yummy here at your blog, as usual!

  10. Ahh! Sekarang saya lapar! The food looks enak! I too am trying to lower my weight and cholesterol. Excercise is crucial!

  11. MKate you always show the most delicious foods...I want to eat them all!

    Your new pond must be so pretty and the koi must be happy! Your flowers are beautiful ..I love orchids but I don't try to grow them,

    I love lemongrass so I know I'd like your drink..it looks so nice and cool!

    ♥ Pat

  12. Good place to eat! Gorgeous pics with so many mouth-watering dishes too. have to admit, exercise is a must:))

  13. That food looks so tasty!!! I was too tired and lazy to cook dinner tonight so it was toast with vegemite for me. Ick! Your flowers are stunning M! I'm sorry that you and the kids are sick. Get better soon! And get posting the pond pics! I wanna see!

  14. MKate, your orkids are beautiful, no wonder you want to revive them!
    I hope you're feeling better by now, the children too.
    I'm leaving, when I come back in October, we'll try to make the most of it and meet more often.
    I'm with you munching the salad, I wanted to loose a little bit before coming back to France, but the balance doesn't agree with me.

  15. We share common goals...eat less, exercise, enjoy what is around us and work! Can't wait to see the new pond when it is finished! You'll want to sit by it and sip on the lemon grass drink!

  16. Can't wait to see the new pond. I'll bet your fish will be happy to see it too, LOL!

    Orchids are so beautiful but I've not been able to keep one alive more than a year or two.


  17. I love all the flowers and the food looks yummy(except for the meat :-). M.Kate, you need to relax more and not work so hard.
    Big hugs, xoxo

  18. Gosh, I always love pictures of your garden!
    and the food.

    I do wish you could come to NY (see Charmaine's post)
    It would give me such joy to see you!
    much love

  19. Wow...you're getting a real full size pond! Lucky you:D I can't wait to see it when it is all done.

    The flowers are incredible!

    And the food...now I'm hungry:D

    I hope you fine some time to slow down and relax by your new pond and get that blood pressure under control!

  20. Hallo! Hallo ! It's been a long time since I'm here. I have miss your site & now, all those nasi dishes are making me miss my sunny island. Terima Kasih MK for all the kindness & care. Happy weekend!

  21. Hi M.kate, sorry to hear you and your children have been unwell again, you need to rest and take things easy.

    You have some amazing flowers in your garden, the photos are brilliant.

    I am fascinated by your food photos.. I would give them all a try..

    I am not so good with sauces , like the look of Emi's favourite..

  22. I hope you are all feeling better now? What gorgeous images of the food and flowers, I can't wait to see your finished pond, my husband has always dreamd of us having one
    : )

    (I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to try and win one of my new necklaces!)

  23. Hi M. Kate,

    As usual such lovely photos (the one below of the sunset as well). I love the idea of a full size pond - heavy sigh...

    My best wishes for good health!!♥


  24. Ha ha... hard diet, my dear friend. Funny ha? Kids munches all palaatable food while yours is dry veges? §;-)

    Anyways, if your work out harder those overflowous kilos will melt without thinking of it.

    Love the ambiance here. HOw I love to sit in your veranda and look at those handymen you have §;-)

    Have a wonderful & blessed w/end to all.

    PS, we all drools to your food served.

  25. I bet the fish pond is going to be beautiful. Looks like quite the project..can't wait to see it done.
    I said this before..enjoy koi fish, they are so beautiful..You know they are not allowed in Maine.
    Not really sure, but something to do with the enviroment..
    Enjoy all the food pictures too.
    Gosh, it is only 5:30am and it made me hungry.
    We won't go into the excercise business..I have gotten so lazy, I am ashamed of myself.
    I do hope everyone is feeling better. Flu time here is fall/spring..Sending you all happy, healthy thoughts..
    Much love/Rosebud.

  26. Great post, M.Kate. I worked on your scrapbook today. You can use it for pictures of your garden & new Koi pond.

  27. Hi M.Kate! Gardening and eating looks much nicer than gardening and dieting... ;))

    Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you in Turkey... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

  28. M Kate

    So hard to be "good" eating salad when you are tempted by such divine dishes! I'd love to try the drink with the basil seeds!

    Well, even if you are all not feeling well, you can look out over your beautiful flowers!

    Feel well, soon--all of you!

  29. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Seu cantinho é muito especial e agradável.
    Seus trabalhos são criativos e encantadores.
    Belíssimas fotos!!!
    Ótimo dia!
    Itabira - Brasil

  30. Hope all is well M Kate! Miss you and I'm thinking about you! (plus I wanted to look at all that delicious food again..lol!)

  31. Dear M.Kate,
    Hope ALL of your family, that you will be felling better Pronto!!

    Your orchids are stupendous! The first one especially!!!
    Can't wait to see the NEW Koi pond.
    Happy weekend friend ~ sending

  32. So good to visit with you, you make me long for my tropical paradise in Florida...AND for real Oriental cooking...it all looks divine!!!


  33. Hi Mary Kate, Seems the drs. always put a damper on things. And make us feel guilty for enjoying delicious foods. Your flower photos are so pretty. I have only one orchid plant and it is a fake one so it always looks pretty in bloom. :) And how exciting about your fish pond. Have a super great weekend.

  34. Dear Mkate the images are magical like always. Good that I just had dinner you would get hungry from all that nice food. Hope you are all happy and healthy again. Take care

  35. Beautiful. Wish I could see in person.

  36. Wow, the food looks yummy. I didn't know that was basil seeds. I drank this since I was little and I always thought it was rose syrup with 'eyes'. Now the mystery's solved, yay!


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