Monday, 26 April 2010


The weather has been hot here, pushing 38 celcius on certain days and combined with the highest humidity ever makes anyone want to escape to cooler places. We took a trip to Cameron Highlands, where most of our flowers and vegetables came from. The air was cool and at an average of 23 to 25 celcius in the afternoon, it was very welcoming. While driving uphill, we passed a popular waterfall but it was crowded so we didn't stop.

It felt great to be away from the city and all it's pollution and to be surrounded by greens everywhere.

For me, a trip to Cameron is never complete without a visit to the tea plantation. We drove up the very narrow road and love the sight of tea growing everywhere, or in this case, covering every hill and mountain. There was a sign at every road turn to remind us to sound the horn as it's only one way up or down so it can be tricky driving up these terrains.

We finally reached the top and here's where we had tea and cakes and enjoyed the wonderful weather and views.

Interesting and pretty plants on the road side.

Leaving the Boh Tea plantation, I snapped a shot of one tea picker on the way out. I was telling my husband that we should have a house here one day as it's really a great place to get away from town life. A small house surrounded with lots of land and flowers will be my ideal retirement home!

Kids posing at the Cameron Tea Plantation. Many people will stop and tea and scones while enjoying the views.

Acres of tea trees stretching kilometers away, it's good and really relaxing to be here. Leaving the hectic city life and staying will probably make me happy as I won't miss city life.

Here is another Boh Plantation at a different location.

A tea bush up close.

When we left, we had a car boot-full of flowers and more inside too. Flowers are really cheap and there were plenty of varieties I haven't seen back home. So, naturally..I had to get too many of them. With a 3 hour ride home, kids aren't exactly happy with flower pots between their legs. I told them not to complain as the space in my place is full too :)

Here's one of the many pots of roses now at my home and I hope they will last.

Will do another post on the flowers soon and this is another flower I bought, it's huge and I love it! Here's a peek :)

Have a great week everyone.