Tuesday, 23 March 2010


So many weddings for the month of March. 5 in total and I have attended 3 so far, with the last one this weekend.

Arriving at the wedding reception and seeing two boys holding the bunga mangga, a definite sign of a wedding going on. I love taking photos of children, they always oblige and are ever willing. I don't know the couple well but husband and I know the parents very well. We were colleagues and good friends for the longest time.

Bunga telur with boiled eggs for guests who blesses the couple. The family chose green as their theme.

Rose water and uncooked tumeric rice to sprinkle on hands as blessings.

On the same day, celebrity blogger, Kerp or his actual name, Daniel got married with his sweetheart of 11 years. Here are the girls posing with Daniel. It was huge events filled with lots of more well known bloggers but we were late but glad we met up again. This is my second meeting with him and so happy to do so at his wedding. Congrats Daniel, semoga bahagia selalu :)

Last weekend was another ex colleague's son's wedding. It was a huge and very festive event, lots of good food as in every wedding.

The wedding dais was grand as expected. Here seen two guys preparing to perform a silat, a traditional Malay art of self defence.

A close up of the lovely couple.

Wedding post still not over until I cover the one this Saturday.

Meanwhile, here's wishing everyone a good week ahead :)