Wednesday, 17 March 2010


It's school holiday week. I took a few days off and stay at home. My wonderful mother in law have been staying with us the past few weeks. She is a great cook and we have been enjoying all her delicious cooking. Not only I didn't have to cook, I come home to a spotless home as she has a full time live in maid. Oh, I am in heaven :P The only thing I wish is that she will stay with me forever..but all things comes to an end as she is leaving this weekend. With the school holidays around, I have a few days off to enjoy time with the children and do some gardening.

I love windchimes and have a few at home, this one in the form of an elephant from Bangkok.

Hubby cleaned up our mini koi pond and water was crystal clear. I tried to take some pictures but those kois kept hiding under the water cascade!

So, I turned off the water filter and more hiding and I can take pictures of them.

Can you believe this white koi used to live in our lotus container!

Even Mr Frog found a home with the kois.

My favourite shot, love the shadow of the frangipani overhead giving much needed shade to my fishes.

The weather has been extremely hot and humid...but yesterday it rained for the longest time and I was so was my plants.

I can skip buying anything else, clothes or food, but can never resist's the latest one, but I have no idea what is the name.

Always love to see water on my lotus leaves.

Last Saturday was a busy day. We attended 2 weddings on the same day and also have another 2 weddings this Saturday..but still not the end of it. There's one more wedding to go next Saturday, obviously March is a good month for wedding for 5 couples :) Will do a post on this next week. It's mid week, so have a good week ahead.