Tuesday, 9 March 2010

God of Prosperity

I didn't want to do another Chinese New Year post but remembered these photos, so I just had to post them for you all :)
We see them at times..no, they are not really God of Prosperity, otherwise, I would have married him myself LOL!!, but you know how the Chinese are so obsessed with wealth or generation of wealth during Chinese New Year, so this is a popular figure I guess. Not something or someone you see everywhere but he pops up during Chinese New Year, so everyone's hoping some so called wealth magic will rub off to them...or bring good luck.

So much for being busy, I am stuck in office for a day and here I am doing a second post ;) A question for all blog buddies, I am sure you have some sort of spam in your comments section. I loathe them tremendously and mostly Chinese writings and link to rubbish sites. Which means I had to put on comment moderation :( and then, they spam me even more and send loads of the same stuff to my email. Maybe because I reported them to blogger. There is such function to report spammers, though I doubt anything can be done. Maybe it's just be rambling my head off or I take these things too seriously.

Anyway, busy Saturday coming up...a few weddings to attend to, all at the same day, but I'll try to take some pictures for you all.

Tata for now :P