Monday, 29 March 2010


I often drive home and love the sight of the sun setting but usually the camera was never with me. This was one of the days when the camera was around and I pulled over during busy traffic and just had to take this shot. I thought it was beautiful and though it looked dark in the picture, it was still very bright at around 7.30pm here.

The last wedding for March. White was the theme and here's the wedding platform and the happy couple.

On Saturday night, it's Earth Hour and we switched off all lights and took a walk at the lake nearby. Here's Danial pointing to the toilet lights we forgot to switch off on, oops, sorry! He was quite upset that everyone's house was brightly lit as not many bothered, cared or probably know of Earth Hour.

While I look forward to every weekends, somehow, weekends tend to be the busiest of all days. So many chores to do, so many dishes I want to try to cook, and so many gardening chores to do. I thought of my good friend, Tracy of Norway and her roses when I saw mine. With our hot weather, it's not so easy to plant roses but I am happy with these for now.

All those gardening hardwork paid off as I waited for weeks for this water lily to bloom and it did! I had 2 in a pot, one purple (this one) and another one white :)

While many countries are experiencing's still very hot here. It's always hot here anyway and here's my orchid 30 feet from our main door and you still can have the sun streaming in strongly. This is for Constance, she found a way of reviving orchids which I will try as I have many pots lying around for years not blooming :)

Cheers everyone and will visit all soon.