Monday, 29 March 2010


I often drive home and love the sight of the sun setting but usually the camera was never with me. This was one of the days when the camera was around and I pulled over during busy traffic and just had to take this shot. I thought it was beautiful and though it looked dark in the picture, it was still very bright at around 7.30pm here.

The last wedding for March. White was the theme and here's the wedding platform and the happy couple.

On Saturday night, it's Earth Hour and we switched off all lights and took a walk at the lake nearby. Here's Danial pointing to the toilet lights we forgot to switch off on, oops, sorry! He was quite upset that everyone's house was brightly lit as not many bothered, cared or probably know of Earth Hour.

While I look forward to every weekends, somehow, weekends tend to be the busiest of all days. So many chores to do, so many dishes I want to try to cook, and so many gardening chores to do. I thought of my good friend, Tracy of Norway and her roses when I saw mine. With our hot weather, it's not so easy to plant roses but I am happy with these for now.

All those gardening hardwork paid off as I waited for weeks for this water lily to bloom and it did! I had 2 in a pot, one purple (this one) and another one white :)

While many countries are experiencing's still very hot here. It's always hot here anyway and here's my orchid 30 feet from our main door and you still can have the sun streaming in strongly. This is for Constance, she found a way of reviving orchids which I will try as I have many pots lying around for years not blooming :)

Cheers everyone and will visit all soon.

Friday, 26 March 2010

EARTH HOUR - 27th March 2010

My son Danial, who is the most eco conscious person at home has been reminding me about Earth Hour this Saturday. So, here's my post on it and I love this poster downloaded from This is for you, Danial :)

Last year, we switched off all lights at home and took a stroll around the lake near our home. It was really fun to see so many people participating and even having meals with candles outside the house. We will be doing the same again.

Let's do our bit for mother Earth, no matter how small it is.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010


So many weddings for the month of March. 5 in total and I have attended 3 so far, with the last one this weekend.

Arriving at the wedding reception and seeing two boys holding the bunga mangga, a definite sign of a wedding going on. I love taking photos of children, they always oblige and are ever willing. I don't know the couple well but husband and I know the parents very well. We were colleagues and good friends for the longest time.

Bunga telur with boiled eggs for guests who blesses the couple. The family chose green as their theme.

Rose water and uncooked tumeric rice to sprinkle on hands as blessings.

On the same day, celebrity blogger, Kerp or his actual name, Daniel got married with his sweetheart of 11 years. Here are the girls posing with Daniel. It was huge events filled with lots of more well known bloggers but we were late but glad we met up again. This is my second meeting with him and so happy to do so at his wedding. Congrats Daniel, semoga bahagia selalu :)

Last weekend was another ex colleague's son's wedding. It was a huge and very festive event, lots of good food as in every wedding.

The wedding dais was grand as expected. Here seen two guys preparing to perform a silat, a traditional Malay art of self defence.

A close up of the lovely couple.

Wedding post still not over until I cover the one this Saturday.

Meanwhile, here's wishing everyone a good week ahead :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


It's school holiday week. I took a few days off and stay at home. My wonderful mother in law have been staying with us the past few weeks. She is a great cook and we have been enjoying all her delicious cooking. Not only I didn't have to cook, I come home to a spotless home as she has a full time live in maid. Oh, I am in heaven :P The only thing I wish is that she will stay with me forever..but all things comes to an end as she is leaving this weekend. With the school holidays around, I have a few days off to enjoy time with the children and do some gardening.

I love windchimes and have a few at home, this one in the form of an elephant from Bangkok.

Hubby cleaned up our mini koi pond and water was crystal clear. I tried to take some pictures but those kois kept hiding under the water cascade!

So, I turned off the water filter and more hiding and I can take pictures of them.

Can you believe this white koi used to live in our lotus container!

Even Mr Frog found a home with the kois.

My favourite shot, love the shadow of the frangipani overhead giving much needed shade to my fishes.

The weather has been extremely hot and humid...but yesterday it rained for the longest time and I was so was my plants.

I can skip buying anything else, clothes or food, but can never resist's the latest one, but I have no idea what is the name.

Always love to see water on my lotus leaves.

Last Saturday was a busy day. We attended 2 weddings on the same day and also have another 2 weddings this Saturday..but still not the end of it. There's one more wedding to go next Saturday, obviously March is a good month for wedding for 5 couples :) Will do a post on this next week. It's mid week, so have a good week ahead.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

God of Prosperity

I didn't want to do another Chinese New Year post but remembered these photos, so I just had to post them for you all :)
We see them at, they are not really God of Prosperity, otherwise, I would have married him myself LOL!!, but you know how the Chinese are so obsessed with wealth or generation of wealth during Chinese New Year, so this is a popular figure I guess. Not something or someone you see everywhere but he pops up during Chinese New Year, so everyone's hoping some so called wealth magic will rub off to them...or bring good luck.

So much for being busy, I am stuck in office for a day and here I am doing a second post ;) A question for all blog buddies, I am sure you have some sort of spam in your comments section. I loathe them tremendously and mostly Chinese writings and link to rubbish sites. Which means I had to put on comment moderation :( and then, they spam me even more and send loads of the same stuff to my email. Maybe because I reported them to blogger. There is such function to report spammers, though I doubt anything can be done. Maybe it's just be rambling my head off or I take these things too seriously.

Anyway, busy Saturday coming up...a few weddings to attend to, all at the same day, but I'll try to take some pictures for you all.

Tata for now :P

Monday, 8 March 2010


I was enjoying the long Chinese New Year break and before I could do a third post, I am back to work. Back to the crazy and hectic lifestyle and out of office most of the time, making very little time to do any post. I tend to take too many pictures wanting to share everything and as usual, have little or no time to post them all. Just like I could not finish my Bangkok post and find myself planning for a second trip soon. Photos taken during latest trip on some cultural show. I wish I could narrate the story but after two months, I can't remember anything.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead and will pop over for a visit soon.