Monday, 8 February 2010


3 weeks.
1 week before Chinese New Year.
2 weeks after.
Every single mall here are competing with each other.
Better themes or decorations.
With one purpose - to attract people to spend and buy.
The interesting part will be to see the decor and what themes they have. Loads of cultural event and more shoppping - which is no good for me right? In a few days time, a huge exodus will happen with thousands of people leaving Kuala Lumpur and all main cities to head home to their own hometown. Therefore, Kuala Lumpur city will be very quiet, no crowd, lots of exciting programs still on continuously and no traffic. With no hometown to go back to, that will be good for me.

There was a Emperor and Princes show at a mall near my home and of course, they had to dressed in Imperial gowns. Look at the shoes!

This is one of my fav mall. It always have a theme for every celebration, and with 3 major races, we have lots of celebrations throughout the year. There was once a 'properi-tea', McDonalds have their yearly 'prosperity burger' - sold only during this time..and then there was this, 'Paws-perity' :) On certain weekdays and every weekends for the next 2 or 3 weeks, there is something interesting in the malls. Lion or dragon dance, cultural dance, wushu, etc., everyone is spoilt for choices.

The theme of 'paws-perity', after Maneki Neko - the welcome, happy, lucky or money cat. A figurine placed in most shop's cashier, with it's waving hands - welcoming more money for the owner.

Mini lucky cats everywhere.

Or not so small ones too...

...and then, at centre stage, a few huge ones with one waving it's hand.

The girls posed with those big cats.

Red lanterns everywhere, at homes, at shops and the biggest ones at the malls.

Then, came the highlight of the day, performing only for a very short period.

Lion dances are very common during this time and not a day pass without me hearing those drums beating in someone's offices nearby. However, dragon dance is limited.

We headed outdoor for some action and excitement.

The dragon went up the tall pole and there was lots of swinging around, with the other guy teasing it all the time.

It's almost sunset and I like this picture of the dragon curling up the pole.

For my good friend Eileen, who is having lots of snow at her place. To make her jealous of the hot weather we have here, I am posting pictures of my lotus at home, the white lotus is one of my favourite. This one grew almost 6 feet tall and I had to stand a stool to take the pictures.

Mandarin oranges are plenty everywhere but I like this particular packing. Colorful and great for giveaway...

So, I am wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year. There are still so many pictures to share and post about for this whole month. Have a great week :)