Monday, 22 February 2010


It seems like so long the last time I posted and here again, still on Chinese New Year. We started with our annual reunion dinner just like everyone else. Finished dinner with this dish called 'yee sang' which is only sold here. It's a mixtures of salads, crackers and fresh salmon, everyone will toss it and say all the nice words to start a New and hopefully good year.

Mom had her basket of oranges and red packet ready. Red packets are given to anyone who is not married. During the past one week, there had been lots of eating and meeting up with family members. One of the highlight for me was to meet up so called long lost cousins, we were closest buddies when we were young but somehow we have lost touch for a long time. So glad we met again.

With lots of time in hand, we went to some of our favourite places. Some were normal so I'd post pictures on those I like, especially when they have a theme on decor. While tossing the 'yee sang', my sis-in-law, kept saying "bo bo ko sing", and that's sound very funny typed in English. It's one of the popular wishes and I smiled when I saw the same thing at a mall. It's in Mandarin but meant the same. I let the sign do the translation.

True to it's theme, there were plenty of bamboo and lanterns everywhere.

With Valentines and Chinese New Year falling on the same day, there was even a Valentines tree for anyone who wished to dedicate to their loved ones.

A favourite shot of mine, subtle bamboo shadows seen here..which reminded me of Tracy's Shadow Shot Sunday.

I guess I am lucky this year. I saw the dragon and a few lion dances too.

This one batted it's eyes at me ;)

The atmosphere everywhere was pretty the same, loads of red, very noisy and crowded too.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, the lanterns continued to dominate in decor. In red of course, and every Chinese home in my streets have similar pair at their homes. Red - the 'yang' colour, the colour of joy and celebration. We were all warned by my mom not to wear black on Chinese New Year...nothing new if you are a Chinese.

More lions seen. The weather was super hot..around 34 to 35 celcius. Everyone was in the shade somewhere, with the exception of photographers like this guy and oh yes, me too.

I have no idea why the organizers had the show at 3.00pm, when it is the hottest and I felt like fainting under the hot sun. Here getting up close with the lion.

Some of you have seen this picture in FB, the other place I am often around other than blog as I like the privacy and the choice of posting personal family pictures, unlike here. So, posting again as I love the lion jumping in mid air.

I was quite sure the lion was smiling at me ;)

I guess it does take some skills to co-ordinate everything so high up. It was a challenging act but I have seen much tougher ones too. Still, everything was done well and I give tons of credit to perform under such heat and humidity.

Another fav picture and post..the sun almost blinded me, I kid you not!

I took this picture for my blog friend, Diane - she has the largest private collection of dolls ever!

A mock opera headgear and dress at one of the shop display.

Chinese kites anyone? Looking at this picture, I am quite sure my blog pal, Keats was there too as she has a post on Chinese arts.

After a long break from blog land, I have lots to catch up with everyone. I am back to work and half of this morning was spent sorting all the photos and doing this post. I have one more post to complete as it seems such a waste if I don's share some of the pictures taken. So, have a fab week ahead and cheers :)