Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy 2010.........and on a trip

I have typed and deleted numerous's taking a long time to get myself out of the hibernation mode and get back to blogging, I blame it on all the lazy December holidays.

The last two months had been wet...evidenced with mushrooms growing in the garden :(

So, to kick start myself into blogging again, I am going to Bangkok tomorrow. To see the gold papered Buddha which glistened in the sun.

To see colourful and monstrous figures acting as protectors for the Grand Palace.

In any temples, there will be tons of beautiful lotuses...used as offerings during prayers.

Playing host to two colleagues who have never been to Bangkok means seeing all the places I have been ...again.

I don't like to sit those 'tuk tuk' taxis which drive on the opposite road all the time to beat traffic, but I think those traveling with me should have a 'hair-raising' experience at least once in their lifetime. I can almost imagining them cringing in the taxi haha!

Maybe I'll pop over the the famous Wat Po where the reclining golden Buddha is.

More 'chedis' or stupa within the Grand Palace.

They are building more temples within and for a nominal fee, you can donate a tile or two for the temples and have your name permanently etched on the roof.

I want to go here, this Spice shop which smells so aromatic and drink their infused spiced tea!

My apologies to all for being so slow in stopping by but will be right back in a week :)