Monday, 18 January 2010


I am back :)
Not just back from Bangkok but back in blog land too. For the past two months, I wondered if I will do a "goodbye" post like many departing bloggers. Those lazy months certainly makes one very lethargic, but it's New Year and back to our crazy work and home schedule somehow makes one..well, me, more motivated to blog and travel. There is a long list of traveling plans for this year and I hope I can fulfill all of them. Bangkok was fun. Great for eating and a shopping haven for everyone. One of my colleague who often goes on shopping trips to Indonesia and Vietnam was a real pro in bargaining. For every price that was given, she would mark it down by another 60% and the best part, she got the deal, even our Thai friends were amazed.

This post is on the Grand Palace - a must visit for all visitors. It was my 4th trip and 2nd blog post. I would like to say that whenever I post, it is always about sharing information I know personally and more importantly, the photos. So, if anyone wants more information, kindly google it separately as I won't attempt to do a dissertation on any requested by some at times.
At the main entrance of the Grand Palace.

Entering into the Palace, we saw many locals praying.

This is the Phra Sri Ratana Chedi built by Rama IV and said to contain a piece of Buddha's breastbone. Religion aside, it is my favorite piece of architecture, just love the color of gold glistening in the sun. By the way, both Thailand and Malaysia have the same climate, and it was hot and humid in Bangkok at 34 celcius throughout the day.

More giant statue as guardians everywhere and this year, I saw the same imposing figures at their airport too.

The Palace was built in 1782 and for 150 years was the official residence of the Thai Kings, Royal Court and Government administration. If you know the history of Thailand, it is the only Asian country which had never been colonised by the West.

When you go up close to these ornate buildings, you will find mirrored mosaic of many colors. I was amazed on how they piece it all together.

A miniature model of my favorite monument - The Angkor Wat, Cambodia. In Cambodia, it is the only temple which faces West built a little over 1000 years ago. I am so keen to go to Cambodia again if I could find a travel partner :)

Another peek of a different chedi / stupa.

The Grand Palace is a mixture of Thai and European architecture. The current King still uses it for ceremonial functions.

Mural restoration is an ongoing project. At first I thought they were painting but upon close up, they were actually painting it with gold leaves.

After Grand Palace, we head on to Wat Po.

We saw children rehearsing for a traditional dance.

In every corner there is a prayer room with Buddha.

More Chedis.

People praying inside Wat Po.

The reclining Buddha.

Tuk Tuk anyone?

Have a great week everyone, now I've got to visit all my buddies in blogland :)