Friday, 27 February 2009

Monday, 23 February 2009


Back to work and I have tons of work pending for me, so I thought I'd complete my post for this week or else, I'll not have any time to do it the next few days. Bangkok is always my favourite place to be. With our business head office based in Thailand, I travel here yearly for meetings and leisure.

Took this picture from the car. I think it is a figure of Hanuman on top of an office building, very common mythical figure here and you see it everywhere.

Wat Po or Wat Phra Chetuphon. Home to more than 1000 Buddha images and this..

The ceiling was high and ornately decorated in red.

While I loved the bas reliefs in Cambodia's temples, I am also fascinated by all the murals here, each ones depicts a story.

It was a huge temple to house special Buddha and very popular.

Instruction was clear, not to touch the feet.

Afterall, it was made from mother of pearl.

Having a first peek.

The Reclining Buddha was gold plated and the largest single Buddha statue here.

It is 46 metres long and 15 metres high.

I think no matter which way you see it, it's still beautiful.

Hope you like the pictures and have a happy week everyone.

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Shooting shadows with Hey Harriet. These were buildings within the Grand Palace, a must visit when you are in Bangkok. Pointed roof which were iconic of Thai buildings.

Inside Wat Po, the oldest and largest temple here and home to The Reclining Buddha, where you'll find more than 1000 images of Buddha.

It's known as the City of Angels and notorious for it's never ending traffic jam. Here's a 'tuk tuk' taxi, a cheap and fast transportation around town and have the ride of your life.

Let's go here for the next few posts.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

SSS and blog break

Still playing Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet. It is the most addictive meme ever and shadow shooters will know exactly what I mean. Do pop over and have a look at those amazing collages by our host, Tracy.

During Chinese New Year, there were endless booths set up selling arts and crafts.
This little dragon was folded with dried leaves.

Crystal balls are a favourite with many different pictures inside.

A metal 'wu lou' with 8 immortals, famous tales from Chinese folklore. 'Wu lou' actually mean gourd, a vegetable and Chinese often associate it as both good luck and protector of good health. Therefore, it's a popular display at homes.

Miniature figurines made from dough.

A statue from China on display.

I am on a blog break from 14th February 2009 until end of next week for a conference. I will miss everyone and will try to visit soon. You will find me here, picture courtesy of Wiki.

Bye for now :D

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


The locals will know this place, a shopping centre and amusement park which is very popular with guests from the Middle East. In fact, I believe we have a huge inflow of Mid East guest the past few years, sharing two common thing, Malaysia's official religion is Islam and most of the local food are halal - which are the only food the Muslims eat anywhere.

Meeting up with a friend here and we decided to have Lebanese food, a first for me honestly. More a more middle eastern feel, the camel was there to greet us and anyone needing privacy can eat at this cosy nook.

Middle Eastern lightings always fascinated me.

Definitely liked their tabletops with mosaics.

Food was yummy as usual and the servings were huge..

For those who like to eat outdoors can dine here..

..and have a view of the theme park, a 80 acres of multiple themed rides on a former sunken mining wasteland. Again, highly popular with both locals and overseas visitors, but I have never been there.

Have a pleasant week everyone :D


I've been tagged by Pat of Mille Fiori Favoriti, so here's the list.

1. Name five things in your purse: usual stuff...handphone, purse, keys, appointment book, lipstick

2. Name five things in your work room: no work room at home but I have 2 rooms in separate offices, again the usual things...laptop, printer, plants, crystals and a collection of miniature planes

3. Name five things you have always wanted to do: I've done most and I'll name one that I desperately wanted to do - scuba diving

4. Name five things you're interested in: more friends, cooking, travelling, gardening, museums

5. Five Blogs to pass this on to: I'll have to break the rules and not pass the tag :D

This for Gina of Gingerbread. My forth picture in the 4th folder. This was a flower folder, so here's my red hibiscus in full bloom.

Another tag from Debbie of Heart to Art, 2nd picture from 2nd folder. The 2nd folder was very recent, a picture taken from the Tarbush / Lebanese restaurant featuring a smokepipe.

A big thank you to Lisa of Lisa's RetroStyle for passing this award to me.

So hard to pass it to just 8 blogs as I love everyone on my sidebar, so I'll pass it to my bunnies in blogland :D
To my Malaysian trio who survived a trip to Penang - Yohji, Buttons and Hans of Furrybutts
To those 'rabboratory' bunnies, Sydney and Tyler of The Qi Papers
Finally, to 'efurrybunn's fav rabbit and my first bunny pal, Sammy of Youkoso Rabbit and Crane!

Cheers :D

Sunday, 8 February 2009


MONSOON is over here. Time to head to one of our islands in the East Coast. Some pictures have been posted before, now recycling for SSS. There are beaches and islands on the West Coast and I find them unappealing unless one go to Penang for the local culture and food...and then, there's Perhentian Island on the EAST Coast.

Boat ride from Kuala Besut to Perhentian.

Beach bumming was fun.

Emi with her own shadow in the water.


D clowning around and plenty of fish shadows everywhere.

Come and join us for Shadow Shot Sunday with Hey Harriet.

After almost 2 weeks of Chinese New Year holidays, I was just getting the hang of work and it's another public holiday here next Monday. It's Thaipusam. Where 1.3 million people are expected to visit our Batu Caves here, all to pay homage to Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity worshipped by Tamil Indians here.
Up close with the statue. Picture courtesy of Batu Caves - Wikipedia

I took this picture of Lord Murugan last year and you can walk up the 272 steps into this limestone cave to see ornate Hindu shrine. This statue is 42.7 meter high and the tallest Lord Murugan in the world.

Some go through a 48 days of mental and spiritual meditation and on vegetarian meals. Some shaved their heads, offer milk and some carry the kavadi, below picture courtesy of The Star.

I am staying far away from Batu Caves this weekend but look forward to blog about it soon. Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I wish my blog friends can come for our Chinese New Year celebrations in my house. I'd give you a 'hong pao' or red packet. Normally this is given to singles, but I'll break tradition just for you :D

Serve you mandarin oranges, a must in all houses. know me, my plants always make me happy. Here's my pussy willow in a pot in full bloom and my lime tree.

Emi was ready to greet our guest, seen here with her 'samfoo'. Samfoo are like cheongsam, except this was worn with matching pants. This was the first of many bags with goodies which came from the neighbours. While the kids were excited about the hongpaos and what's inside, I reminded them that I'll have to return similar goodies to whoever who sent this.

Mum did most of the cooking, yellow glutinous rice with mutton rendang (dry curry), so this was not typical Chinese food. I did the grilled eggplant and mushroom salad.

My brother came with this box, it has 'yee sang', I don't even know any other names for it as it food and custom originated from Malaysia.

Eaten only during the Chinese New Year, it consisted of some raw vege, fresh fish and an assortments of other stuff.

We saw plenty of these guys everyday on the road. It's the lion dance troupe and they'll be here until the 15th of Chinese New Year.

Some last minute shopping here for to buy some gifts for a beloved aunt 60th birthday. I've 'almost' mastered the art of taking picture and driving at the same time, this picture taken while entering the KLCC car park.

There were much secrecy as to the location of the celebration and everyone was only informed last minute. A map was shown and finally, this was the place. It was held on this private boat. A full 8 or 9 course dinner Chinese dinner, I can't even remember the exact number.

It cruised around this lake which was a former Tin mine for 5 hours and the entire boat was chartered exclusively for the birthday girl, my aunt. I can't post too many pictures as there are more unknown visitors to this blog than bloggers, so I'll try to keep pictures with people limited.

The night finished off with partying on the upper deck and I love this picture of my cousin A dancing. She resides in Singapore and came specifically for this party. When and if she sees this post, she'll have her hands around my neck when she comes back next time..haha :D

My obsession with flowers grow and am so in love with this Hibiscus I bought yesterday. It measured 7 inches across, definitely one of the largest ones I have seen.