Monday, 14 December 2009

ALL GOOD FOR NOW.. time flies. It seems not long ago I was blogging about Christmas and it's here now. This is the longest time I have ever been away from my own blog. No post and not even blog hopping, but everyone has been on my mind all the time. A million thanks for all those good wishes for Danial. He is good now. Tests results all came back well and we are very happy. School holidays have started a few weeks ago and we are having continuous public holidays every week until year end.

The rain continued and even mushrooms are growing in shaded areas, though I have forgotten to take the pictures. I was very excited when I saw this. It was the seed from the Desert Rose plant, I see them all the time and tried planting them - unsuccessfully...

..and then as if my miracle, it grew on it's own. Not scattered on the grass or pot, but all three in a pod! I've transferred them out into different pots.

The eating continued...and I like this traditional cakes pan hanging as decor at Rebung, a Malay restaurant by Chef Ismail.

We love Indian food and there's this cool vegetarian Indian restaurant serving some of the best ever! Served with cool stainless steels and banana leaf, that's how an authentic Indian food should be eaten..with fingers preferably of course :)
If you like, have a bite of that dried red chili and some fresh milk to cool down.

To be eaten with some 'rasam' or spicy soup with loads of spices...

Many mini bowls containing an assortment of curries in peas, dhalls and vegetables, you have all the different taste and texture there.

Here's the whole plate and that was a lot.

Those waiters there were super friendly and encourage lots of photos everywhere. Seen here, their Indian calendar which I found interesting.

Indian desserts anyone? I've never eaten them but was told they were super sweet.

We attended my cousin's wedding dinner..more eating what else. A full 10 course Chinese dinner and there were only 2 adults in my table and 5 children, so there was way too much food for all of us. Hotel dinner food aren't the best but this particular one was amazing. The groom side (that's us) were given this pair of chopsticks with the Chinese character 'hei' meaning double happiness.

Mum still find it amusing why I am still taking pictures of 'sauces'...

The pretty bride wore a modern gown and later changed into this beautiful red (what else) kua. The wearing of the kua or qua, a fully embroidered traditional dress is a must for every Chinese wedding.

A collage of some of the food we ate :)

I have so many pictures of the children and their cousins all dressed up in traditional Korean dresses (so pretty!) but I there are too many unknown visitors to this blog. So, I really have to think hard before posting pictures of relatives without their permission...and they don't even know I have a blog..I think.

Honestly, I seem to be floating away in the month of December. We are not traveling during this long school holidays - a first for us. All we -- ok, all I wanted to do was stay at home, eat, garden and read. I find this very enjoyable and relaxing (when the kids aren't bickering).

Bye for now :)