Tuesday, 24 November 2009


My mom often followed us in most of our outing. She doesn't know much about IT or what is a blog, or that I have one. Come to think of it, apart from my husband and children, there are very little people I know here who knows I have this blog. Very often my mom would ask why I am always taking photos and not develop them, or why I need to take this photo of a 'botol kicap' aka soya sauce bottle and what I am going to do with it haha! Yes, it can be a challenge at times trying to be a creative photographer around her :O

At the request of my good friend living overseas, I am doing another post on food. Also for Ann and Xue as I am sure they are very familiar with all these and probably missing and drooling over it :)

The children can eat as hot and spicy as me, so here's Danial insisting of the Curry Noodles, cooked in coconut milk, lemongrass and spices.

I went for the Prawn noodles. The soup was cooked with lots of prawns with shells intact but not served and slightly spicy.

Eli and Emi went for the rice sets, both yummy and delicious.

On another day, eating continued..at Thai Thai Restaurant, not difficult to guess what food it is from the name.
I like the table mat, or in this case, I should say table paper..as it was made from paper. Highly visual and very informative about the year of the Dog. In one single sheet, every characteristics of this particular year is written down in details. Not sure if it is accurate, but this is was not Chinese geomancy, so I am guessing it's the Thai version.

Let's start with the famous Thai Salad, Som Tam. Hot and spicy! Shredded young papaya mixed with crushed nuts, it's dressing was finely sliced very hot birds eye chillis (the hottest of all) and lime juice. You will be sweating away after this dish, and hopefully you can still feel anything on your tongue haha! Here's a tip for those who can't stand hot, do what my children do, stay away from eating any of those small chilies.

What is Thai without Tom Yum with seafood, even hotter and spicier. Thai food is so integrated with Malaysian food that I hardly know anyone here who can't eat Tom Yum, even the kids find it a breeze to have this soup.

Steamed sea bass with more hot chili and lime juice but it was okay and moderate.

Another typical Thai, beef green curry - very mild in spices but heavy on the coconut milk.

This is a common Asian vegetable, the kangkung and I can't recall it's English version but I know Ann and Xue will give me the name after this. Anyone can cook this, though there were way too much gravy here..looks too soupy.

Sorry..the dish was eaten half way when I took this picture. I call this a no-brainer dish, as in everyone could cook it..prawn omelette. If any restaurant can't cook it well, I should ask for a refund :)

The Thais are well known for desserts but this was a huge dissapointment. For such a reputable restaurant, the water chestnut in sweet coconut milk was too bland :(

I always love Thai birdcages due to it's design and one day when I find, I'll lug it back home too.

Part of the Thai Thai decor.

Well, school holidays have started and I have a busy week ahead. Husband and I will have to decide who gets to see Ben 10 live show with Danial...both of us --- > so not looking forward to it. The tickets cost a lot and I am sure either one of us (husband or I) will doze off during the show :(
My cousin's wedding continued with it's Chinese dinner this weekend. There will be a little ceremony before the dinner where the groom brings the bride home officially as his wife in the morning. I will be there with the children, so it will be fun too. Meanwhile, Christmas mood has started with their decor everywhere. We have snow man too..the plastic ones with cotton balls as snow of course.

On Thursday, the girls and I will go and see the very talented Sonia and Irvina's aragetram (dance graduation). Picture courtesy from Dancing sisters, go to link for full infor. It's a first for all of us, so we are very excited over this event.

Rain continued at home..we have the wettest season ever!

However, I do love the rain, especially walks to our nearby lake after the rain. It's great to have cool weather for a change here.

Cheers everyone :P