Tuesday, 17 November 2009


For me Saturdays are for sleeping late, but not last weekend. I had to drag 3 sleepy and unhappy kids to the KLCC Convention Centre to have a look at this.....which was Indonesian handicraft week.

Honestly, I was expecting lots of crafts which the Indonesians are so well known for like teak furniture, but instead found plenty of booths selling beautiful kebayas and clothing..and mind you, there aren't cheap at all. Here are some of the handicrafts on sale.

Lots of material used which are very organic and natural.

Lamps made from tree bark and leaves.

Hand made and painted little wooden animals, those elephant fits perfectly into my growing collection.

Wood carved and batik inspired trays or bowls.

I love this - Indonesian puppets used for shadow hand puppet shows but yet to see a real show so far.

Silver necklaces which were elaborate and used mainly for special functions and weddings.

These beaded case and tissue box holder looked exactly like the ones in East Malaysia during my recent trip there and when enquired, I was told the exhibitor was from Kalimantan. It made sense as Kalimantan/Indonesia is borders with East Malaysia, hence the cross culture and art.

I don't think I have seen Christmas decoration like this..

Then..it was show time when the pretty Indonesian lady came up to do the announcement. Seen here, wearing a kebaya (top) and batik skirt - an outfit which is exactly the same as what we would wear, well, the skinny ones would anyway. With a huge population of Indonesians - both legal and not here, there is a strong influence and mixture of both Malaysians and Indonesians culture, food and art - not to mention we speak all almost similar languages. The show that I wanted to see was their wedding showcase.

Each costume represented a different wedding attire from a different province, but I was busy photographing them so can't remember exactly where they were from. I could not resist doing a close up. While the weddings in the West are often around a white theme or something similar in their bridal attire, this is one thing you hardly see in traditional weddings here. It's always a burst of colours and texture everywhere.

I love close ups and here's some shots.

Another couple in purple, looks exactly like our Malay weddings here. No tiara or flowers in the hair but more elaborate headgear for sure.

Final couple for the catwalk.

Finally, an interesting backdrop made entirely of peacock feathers..and they were real, every single one of them! Imagine having this in a wedding as the colours were amazing.

Meanwhile, monsoon season continues at home - with non stop rain everyday without fail. My garden has turned into a mini pool and clothes had to be sent to the laundry for drying.

Even my bali pot is full and I don't need to fill it up with water everyday..

..the lake nearby my house overflowed but this 'birds of paradise' plant was thriving, just about everything else is growing abundantly at home too, including weeds...

For Ann, who liked the previous shot and tried to replicate it...but it was not a yam but a lotus plant...maybe she can find one in NZ :)

School holidays is up next week but plans to the East Coast had to be shelved for now due to the rain..I don't think I like the idea of my car floating in the flood. Bye for now :)