Monday, 9 November 2009


I have many interest, one week it's gardening, another sewing and the following something else. However, one thing is always constant and that is food..which I think is the same as everyone else. I have not met or known anyone who is not keen about food. Husband says he is waiting for the day when I get interested in exercising...soon it will be, just don't know when. I did try to diet and found that after being carbo deprived for 2 weeks and losing a miserable 2 kilos..and then continue eating and putting on the same 1 or kilos, suddenly it became a new revelation for me, that I could live with that 2 why diet right. Might as well eat and be happy :) I have way too many food pictures so here I post my two fav ones, Kinsahi - a Japanese restaurant and Ole Ole Bali - Indonesian food.

Nothing like having wasabi to spice up an otherwise bland sushi and sashimi, great for nasal clearing as well.

Why do they call this California roll when it's Japanese food, it should be Tokyo roll of something like that.

Our salmon sashimi came prettily decorated...looks too good to be eaten.

My bento box, cod fish in teriyaki sauce.

Nothing like a good bowl of rice...

Emi's bento.

Eli's favourite - beef udon in miso soup.

Of course eating with chopsticks is common...a must actually here.

Their semi open kitchen.

A fav shot of Eli in black and white.

Another prominent figure in all shops, the lucky cat grinning at you when you pay so you won't faint when you see the bill.


As expected, eating with a restaurant of this name, there will be plenty of calming Buddha images to greet us. While Indonesians and Malaysians shares many things in common from language to food, their food presentation was quite different but interesting too.

I thought of Elisa Day when I saw this statue of Ganesha.

Loving this picture but I'd rather see the real thing, Bali's got to be on my list soon!

The entrance and if you did not get any service just bang on the gong - loudly!

There was a shop nearby too owned by the restaurant selling all things Bali.

Chef at work and with millions of Indonesians working here, you can't know the difference if they are Malaysians or Indons.

Ah..what is a post about food, if there are no food pictures. The squid salad came with a peanut sauce and lots of birds eye chillies (the hottest of them all). No, you won't find mayo dressing here for sure.

A complete meal on a tray with banana leaf, not just Indonesian but typical Malay and Indian over here. I was wondering if Eileen and Melanie could eat this hot and so spicy dish :P

Close up of the satay, it was huge and juicy..not the average sized satay for sure.

Argh..nasi lemak, or rice cooked in coconut milk with some chilli on top! My children could eat this for breakfast everyday, delicious and good to eat, just don't ask about the calorie intake. Don't worry Eileen, I'll have bread standby when you are here.

More food, hotter and spicier than ever...honestly, way too hot for all of us too and we can eat hot. I am guessing Eileen and Melanie won't be visiting this place when they are here :P Okay, go for Japanese, it's quite safe..but then I don't know if they eat sushi too.

Decor in the restaurant.

By the way, I won't be complaining of hot weather till end of the year. Monsoon season is here and it's been raining every day without fail. Huge rainstorms are predicted in the East Coast.

These water lettuces seem to be growing non stop due to the rain.

So are the lotuses...

Bye for now, have a happy week ahead...M