Monday, 26 October 2009


We spent last weekend at our historical city and state, Malacca. When I read that the Majestic Hotel was opened under the YTL group, which are well known for luxurious and some of the best hotels listed here and in the world, I just had to go and see for myself. You see, I don't have a great passion for very old stuff, especially old houses or hotels. Maybe the ones I knew are never well maintained, but this 1920's mansion was different. It was YTL's first classic hotel. I fell in love with it without a doubt. While the reception area was an old and beautiful mansion, they had built a separate hotel which houses less than 60 rooms. This was copied from their room's book/reference and it was on the first page. I thought it was really beautiful and had an accurate description of this place.

By Shirley Geok-lin Lim
from Monsoon History

Someone lives in the old house:
Gold-leaf carving adorns the doors.
Black wooden stairs still stand
and winding like arms of slender women
Leading to the upper floors
It is as I remembered
But not itself , not empty, clean.

Since I have scrubbed the sand-
Stone squaqres and turned them red
The marble yard is stained with rain,
But it has not fallen into the rain.
Weeds have not seeded the roof nor
cracked flowered tiles Grandfather
Brought, shining in crates from China.

Since I have saved the old house
It is no longer dark with opium
or with children running crowded
Through passageways, the well has been capped
the moon windows boarded
Something of China remains,
Although ancenstral family is gone

I dream the of the old house
The dreams leak slowly like sap
Welling from a wound. I am losing
Ability to make myself a home
Awake, hunting for the lost cousins,
I have dreamed of ruined something
And am glad to find none..

--- the end---

I love this reading room, cosy and perfect for tea. Never thought I would love this colour but I do, and remembered Lisa's pistacio's post too.

Every corner of the reception and I do mean every corner, there is something for you to snack on for free. Be it nuts or just old fashioned perserved plum from makes me very nostalgic, even munching on such comfort food and snacks. Snacks that reminded me of my days staying with my late grandparents in their old house...I think that's the feeling one gets from staying here, the good mixture of old and new.

The service was perfect. This pretty host in kebaya and sarong escorted us to our room and I was called by my first name throughout the two days, that's how personalised it was. If I was this slim, I would be wearing the kebaya too :P

And the room was one of the best I have ever stayed. Spacious and luxurious, with great attention to details. They will turn down the bed at night and serve you nyonya cakes...yes. Xue..nyonya kuehs!

Bathroom with sliding wooden doors and claw footed bath and separate!! I was very impressed.

I can spend the whole day lazing here near the window reading..and with a view of the Malacca river.

Oh, did I tell you they have my favourite coffee table book of all time, a book about the beautiful KEBAYA..worn by the Nyonyas, Chinese descents who embraced the Malay culture.

Here's a peek of what's inside the book..and I love everything Nyonya, the food, decor and culture as my late grandmother was one.

...and then, there was the Spa Village.

No, I didn't try it but I got to go in and wander around to take pictures and see the display -- some antique Nyonya slippers. A spa using all natural ingredients and lots of spices for the weary body.

Those spa beds all facing the pool...

A private room inside the spa and I love that Chinese Nyonya basket filled with more spices!

Bye to Majestic Hotel..but I shall be back again.

I have stayed in many other hotels in Malacca, but the Majestic beats them all. It is the most expensive so far in Malacca, but you will not get the same atmosphere, experience and feeling elsewhere. There are still plenty to blog about, Jonker street - a shopping heaven for antiques and handicrafts, and of, so stay tuned :)