Thursday, 1 October 2009


On the recent trip to Hyatt, Kuantan. The weather was super hot - as usual, and I was thinking of Tracy's SSS. So, here are some of my favourite shots. Staying at the East Coast in Kuantan, the Hyatt is the best place to be.

Took a picture of Danial when he came out from the pool, he looked like a big boy in this picture though he is only 8, my favourite shot so far!

From the lobby, I like to look at all those very old frangipani trees which gave plenty of shade everywhere.

I was reminded of Tracy's Sunday Shadow Shots everywhere..even on the beach.

In the evening when the weather is more tolerable, it's fun to sit here at watch the sunset.

Kids were only interested in swimming and food..

and me, interested in the 'ice kacang' or shaved ice with plenty of everything inside :)

At night the locals were performing some traditional songs in conjunction with Ramadhan holidays.

When morning came, I tried to practise some 'qigong' unsuccessfully from my room balcony, they have a morning session every day at Hyatt for all their guest at no cost.

Another fav shadow shot of me and the kids...only because it made me looked so slim hehe :P

View from the breakfast deck.

I could stay here forever...during sunrise and sunset, other time, I'll move away from the heat.

All the frangipani trees casting lace like shadows everywhere..

Have a great week ahead everyone....hugs/M