Thursday, 15 October 2009


It had been a super busy week and I hardly had time to post and blog hop, so I'll do two festivals at one post. Two weekends ago, we celebrated this...

Plenty of paper lanterns everywhere.

Mooncakes of every flavour came in the most delightful boxes.

The children played with their lanterns and here are some night shadows, I remembered the same afternoon shadows from last year's SSS.

Meanwhile, before the shopping malls could take down the Mooncake festivals decorations, another festival has already started...Deepavali, or Divali, the festival of lights celebrated by Indians worldwide.

The children and I were interested in people doing hand henna for a small fee.

Here's a picture of someone's hand....loved the design!

Meanwhile, you will find beautiful 'kolams' or designs with coloured rice in every mall. Everything is colourful and stunning!

A group of South Indians playing traditional instruments shoeless...

I was mesmerised by these beautiful children dancers, doing the Classical Indian dance, Bharata Natyam.

After the dance, they were very friendly and posed for me...

Beautiful headgear as usual.

The solo dancer even did a pose for me :)

Here's Eli getting her hand henna-ed.

With that, happy all local Malaysians.