Monday, 19 October 2009


Still on Deepavali - the festival of lights and lots of colours too. My weekend was spent still chasing kolams. Beautiful floor art work in coloured rice, handful by handful, grain by grain, each design different and better than the make these kolams.

A pair of Phoenix and Peacock..especially the Peacock is particularly significant in Indian dances and kolams.

Things got a bit 'exciting' when I visited a mall near my home...

I was peeking through pillars to take snap shots of this beautiful dancer..

The song was very familiar..and you may have heard it many times. Written by renowned composer - A.R. Rahman, with the title Jai Ho...

..which means 'victory' in English..

..the soundtrack from the multi-award winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire.

You see in multi-cultural Malaysia, you don't need to be an Indian to be an expert in Indian proven by these very talented children from a local dance is one doing a solo.

You just need to have a passion for dance..and they can sing all the songs too - I am very impressed indeed :)

The kept the best for the usual. Wow..some pretty indecent exposure I think, one which may be frowned upon in our society.

However, seriously who cares...I was more interested in this close up..dazzled by the colours and details.

You see, she was the youngest of them all...4 or maybe 5 years old.

Oh, she was a cheeky girl and dance so well....

..doing lots of moves I could not do for sure..the crowd went crazy over her :)

Later, I asked her to pose for me..obviously a favourite star of everyone!

Wouldn't you want to take a picture with her too...

With this I wrap up my post for Deepavali...and to plan for more travelling...up north or down south..somewhere .. and a cousin's wedding coming up soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :)