Wednesday, 9 September 2009


When I came back from the hospital with Eli, the first thing that caught my eye was this...I have waited for it to bloom for months.

What made me happier was these lotuses bloomed as a pair :)

With everything well and finally back to normal, it was time to continue our culinary journey to a favorite Thai restaurant. It is being featured here for the second time.

From outside, I had a peek of their 'spirit house' though I think this one here is more of a decoration rather than for actual prayers.

You see them in every corner in Thailand, from homes to streets to outside the shopping malls.

This one was surrounded by kois everywhere.

Walking into the restaurant, I expected to see all the waiters etc., dressed in full Thai traditional clothing but was surprised that for this whole month..everyone was dressed in our Malay clothes. It was a promotion for our fasting Ramadhan month. Here seen the waiter complete with his baju Melayu and songkok.

This shy waitress wore a fitting Baju Kebaya with pretty jasmine in her hair. I could smell the flowers from where I took this picture.

The pineapple boat.

Of course a post on Thai food cannot be complete until I show the food itself. Some of the food we liked, clear tom yum is a must - hot and spicy soup, just stay clear of those very small chilli.

Something new for us, deep friend fish wrapped in lotus leaf..I wonder if I could cook the same with those leaves at home.

A new and fav dish, young coconut salad with cashew nuts and black mushroom.

Finally, someone have fully recovered from the virus and back to her cheeky self again.

Talking of food...there's still plenty of eating going on this whole week. Bye for now.