Tuesday, 15 September 2009

RAMADHAN ......................and a break

It was a whole week of breaking fast with friends, colleagues and families, lots of eating, so much for diet control. The staff and I headed to Pan Pacific for a gathering so I'll show what are authentic Malaysian food as most of my blog friends are familiar with the Western version.

A miniature Malay kampung house greeted us. You can read the description in the second picture.

You may want to beat the gong to announce your arrival and get some attention ..we did :)

Making pancakes...Malaysian style, with crushed peanuts and sweetcorn inside.

Typical local Ramadhan appetizers (clockwise) serunding or dried meat floss, salted eggs, mango salad and keropok..

What is Ramadhan without beef rendang, beef cooked in lots of spices and coconut milk. I am sure Willow's rendang is as good as this.

Or this, mee rebus, noodles with thick coconut milk..so much for cholestrol control..

...and chicken curry...

There was more eating at another venue, this time a taste of Nasi Padang which was actually Indonesian. I thought of Willow when I was there.

Lots of curry based and pounded chillies on almost everything and very hot.

A collage of some of the food we had.

Ah..the 'air bandung' which is popular here and you get that shocking pink color from mixing rose syrup with evaporated milk. Their version came with fruits, nuts, raisins and many other stuff.

Husband was interested in the beef tendon curry, a first for me and it was very good. Cooked in lots of spices and delicious.

Going to any malls here and you will see plenty of mini indoor and outdoor bazaar, people selling Raya cookies and clothing.

Even found this new outlet selling cold drinks and ice cream, now how cool is that.

When they are not at each others throat...no just kidding, children clowning around at dinnertime.

I will be on a blog break soon and hope to visit everyone when I am back :D

Happy holidays to all Malaysians.