Monday, 28 September 2009


I've been back a few days and when going on a blog break, it seem to take forever to gain momentum and swing back into blog land. Our trip to the East Coast had been fun, going to my husband's family home and enjoying our Raya break there. Despite the long journey, it was good to have a change of scenery when one is traveling and seeing lots of palm trees and paddy fields.

I love to see traditional old Malay houses.

Plenty of beautiful mosques everywhere.

Saw lots of colorful fishing boats.

With no rabbits at home, the children were very happy playing with this newly adopted kitten at their grandmother's home.

During an unexpected trip home, we stopped by Lake Kenyir. Though we have passed this place for more than 10 years, this was the first time we stop over to have a look and we knew that we will be back the next time for a longer visit.

There wasn't enough time for a long stay so we decided to take short boat ride nearby. This is the largest man made lake in South East Asia surrounded by some of the oldest rainforest in the world and part of our National Park.

It was good to get away from the stressful life of town living and experience tranquility.

The Lake and park has more than 7800 species of flowers, plants and trees, thousands of old and new orchid species, hundreds of species of birds and fresh water fishes. To really enjoy nature, one need to stay for a few nights and go island hoping within Lake Kenyir.

It has 340 islands spread out in water catchments areas of 38000 hectares with the largest island the size of Singapore. A 2 hours boat ride will take anyone to Taman Negara or our National Park. There will be endless activities here, jungle trekking, cave exploring, fish feeding or simply stay in some of the few private islands.

The next time I come, I want to stay here, the Kenyir Lake Resort and Spa!

Live in one of these lake facing chalets among palm and coconut trees.

Or stay in one of these houseboats and go island hopping and fishing. The boat ride lasted 45 minutes but we were convinced that we will return soon for a longer stay, to enjoy nature at it's best!

Husband and I want to come back again not only to the Lake but to Kelantan to experience the wonderful Malay culture and see how handicrafts made. For the longest time I wanted to see this, Wayang Kulit or Malay Shadow Puppet play. Picture courtesy from Wayang Kulit | Salam Ya Hamim. As Emilea has finished her big finals exams for UPSR, there will be more traveling :)

With hundreds of emails to read, I hope to visit everyone soon :P

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

RAMADHAN ......................and a break

It was a whole week of breaking fast with friends, colleagues and families, lots of eating, so much for diet control. The staff and I headed to Pan Pacific for a gathering so I'll show what are authentic Malaysian food as most of my blog friends are familiar with the Western version.

A miniature Malay kampung house greeted us. You can read the description in the second picture.

You may want to beat the gong to announce your arrival and get some attention ..we did :)

Making pancakes...Malaysian style, with crushed peanuts and sweetcorn inside.

Typical local Ramadhan appetizers (clockwise) serunding or dried meat floss, salted eggs, mango salad and keropok..

What is Ramadhan without beef rendang, beef cooked in lots of spices and coconut milk. I am sure Willow's rendang is as good as this.

Or this, mee rebus, noodles with thick coconut much for cholestrol control..

...and chicken curry...

There was more eating at another venue, this time a taste of Nasi Padang which was actually Indonesian. I thought of Willow when I was there.

Lots of curry based and pounded chillies on almost everything and very hot.

A collage of some of the food we had.

Ah..the 'air bandung' which is popular here and you get that shocking pink color from mixing rose syrup with evaporated milk. Their version came with fruits, nuts, raisins and many other stuff.

Husband was interested in the beef tendon curry, a first for me and it was very good. Cooked in lots of spices and delicious.

Going to any malls here and you will see plenty of mini indoor and outdoor bazaar, people selling Raya cookies and clothing.

Even found this new outlet selling cold drinks and ice cream, now how cool is that.

When they are not at each others just kidding, children clowning around at dinnertime.

I will be on a blog break soon and hope to visit everyone when I am back :D

Happy holidays to all Malaysians.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


When I came back from the hospital with Eli, the first thing that caught my eye was this...I have waited for it to bloom for months.

What made me happier was these lotuses bloomed as a pair :)

With everything well and finally back to normal, it was time to continue our culinary journey to a favorite Thai restaurant. It is being featured here for the second time.

From outside, I had a peek of their 'spirit house' though I think this one here is more of a decoration rather than for actual prayers.

You see them in every corner in Thailand, from homes to streets to outside the shopping malls.

This one was surrounded by kois everywhere.

Walking into the restaurant, I expected to see all the waiters etc., dressed in full Thai traditional clothing but was surprised that for this whole month..everyone was dressed in our Malay clothes. It was a promotion for our fasting Ramadhan month. Here seen the waiter complete with his baju Melayu and songkok.

This shy waitress wore a fitting Baju Kebaya with pretty jasmine in her hair. I could smell the flowers from where I took this picture.

The pineapple boat.

Of course a post on Thai food cannot be complete until I show the food itself. Some of the food we liked, clear tom yum is a must - hot and spicy soup, just stay clear of those very small chilli.

Something new for us, deep friend fish wrapped in lotus leaf..I wonder if I could cook the same with those leaves at home.

A new and fav dish, young coconut salad with cashew nuts and black mushroom.

Finally, someone have fully recovered from the virus and back to her cheeky self again.

Talking of food...there's still plenty of eating going on this whole week. Bye for now.

Friday, 4 September 2009


Firstly, Elissa has been discharged from the hospital since this Tuesday. She has been cleared of any H1N1 virus, recovering very well and fulfilling some of her 'to do wish list if I get out the hospital'...starting with learning the guitar today :D We are all so happy and thank everyone for your wishes and prayers, they meant a lot to our family here. It's been more than a week since I went to work or even visited anyone in blog land. All those prayers have been all powerful and wonderful, I don't know how I could go on then without the support of the family and you all. I will continue to be on leave until next week and hope to visit everyone then.

When Elissa was at home on Tuesday, there was an unfortunate accident for me. I had a huge cut on my left thumb (I shall spare everyone of the details..) which required a tetanus shot, antibiotics, painkillers and daily visit to the local clinic until next week to change the dressing. So driving is off for now and typing with one hand is no fun. However, worry not about me, I am fine and will survive this slight misfortune :D

All I can say is that I am so happy that Elissa is back and well...and I love you all. Happy weekend my friends.....Hugs....M