Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I am playing ORANGE today with good friend, Annette of In This life........ Some of my favourite pictures in orange.

Monks inside Grand Palance in Bangkok - Thailand.

Kids snorkeling in Pulau Kapas.

Orange Kebaya in Malacca.

Kites sold at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

The hotel reception of Hotel De La Pais, Siem Reap - Cambodia.

Monks sitting on the edge within Angkor Wat.

Painting of Buddha in orange on the streets of Banteay Srey, Siem Reap - Cambodial

A little Indian dancer during Deepavali last year, which Malaysian will celebrate soon.

Some Indian prayer box.

Another fav shot, an orange boat in Trengganu.

My lucky orange koi at home :D

From September to October will be special months for many here. The Muslims started their fasting last weekend and as usual, that will mean lots of gathering and eating during breaking fast in the evening. In between, we have the lantern festival and then Deepavali in October. For us, it will mean a celebration of all as everyone loves to eat and have plenty of public holidays here. There will be trips to the East Coast (finally a break -- seems like a long time since I've taken one!).

Happy week ahead.