Monday, 17 August 2009


My house smells and look like a hospital. Since last Wednesday, Emilea and Danial had been down with high fever and flu - again all the symptoms of H1N1. Luckily a quick blood test shown negative on viral infection, it was just a bacterial infection. Otherwise, they would have been hospitalized and probably catch the real H1N1 virus from the hospital itself as mask wearing was not strictly adhered to. One child was being 'house quarantined' and another one separated to curb spreading of the non stop coughing and sneezing. I had to disinfect the whole house with Dettol a few times a day - thus the smelling of a hospital. The kitchen counter looks like a dispensary - it's never ending. The children are entering their 2nd week of no-school as husband refused to send them where the disease spread too fast and not much prevention is done. Husband and I try hard to be healthy so we can look after them. In my last post, the death toll was 32, today it is 62 - 30 deaths in one week is very alarming. Last week when India had 15 deaths, their Government closed all the schools and cinemas which was a brilliant move. However, our Government are not closing schools - placing exams as priority and leaving the matter to Headmasters/mistresses to take the responsibility. Our Health Minister, Liow Tions Lai encourages everyone to practice 'social distancing' which probably will work on adults, but what about children? Walk into any pharmacy and you will find that face mask pricing has been increased 5 to 10 times and hand sanitizers all sold out. Tamflu - the H1N1 vaccine is out of stock for the whole country, and if there is any groups that benefit from all these profiteering will be the pharmacies and drugs companies - worldwide. If I have one award - an oxymoron award - I'd give it to our Health Minister, sitting with his tie and blazer - grinning like a Cheshire cat - announcing the daily deaths on the televsion. It is pandemic, a state of emergency - but no one is declaring it. I wonder how many more deaths it takes before they close the schools. This is what happens when we have morons for Ministers - but then, that is nothing new here if you read our political news. I've been out of the office for a few days, back to work today and no time to post or blog hop. Danial coughed non-stop the whole night yesterday, another round to the clinic is needed today and that is what I have been doing, hoping in and out of our local clinic.

Take care and keep safe.