Thursday, 27 August 2009


Quick update. Thank you everyone for your prayers. We are both in our Isolation room
at the hospital. Elissa 's fever has stopped and making good progress but both of us still have to be warded until she completes the Tamiflu vaccine. I have to wear both surgical mask and gown full time to ensure I won't get the virus from her. When she saw my eyes getting teary once I heard the test was positive for this virus, she assured me not to worry and that she will be Okay. She's stronger than me. The rest of the family members sre still under home quarantined.

I just hate it when my sixth senses are right. I have been very worried about this H1N1 virus and that this uneasy feeling that one of us will get it. Worst fears confirmed. Elissa has been admitted to the hospital for H1N1 and the whole family will be quarantined for one week. Please pray for us. Will miss you all......