Thursday, 2 July 2009


It is Thursday today and well, weekend's near. Don't we all live for the weekends :D

Time to take a break from this....

Time to spend time with the family..(both images were something I did for the project 'Do Not Leave Unattended', a journal which travels around the world). This word transfer came from my good blogger-friend, Liv from the US.

The weather had been very hot.. as usual, and I am so wishing to go to the mountains. Sipping tea and watching people pick tea leaves.

Apart from the beautiful scenery at the mountains, I long to see those exotic orchids for sale and buy loads of them. That's going to be the next new hobby, planting orchids..I did try that a long time ago, they all died.

Or maybe take a trip to the East Coast again..a favorite of my husband as that's where he is from.

Also longing to travel out of the country, another visit to Cambodia will just do fine.

To see the Apsara dancers again, but traveling plans out of the country has to be on I am hating this H1N1 virus as I don't want to be quarantined when I am coming back :(

Or just go for a walk around our home...eek, time for the dreaded exercise routine, which had been postponed for a long time.

Or, just indulge in food, it always make everyone in the family so happy.

...but seriously this weekend, I want to go here,the newly renovated Kuala Lumpur | SkyBar at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

However, firstly I'll have to go persuade my mother to look after the kids..okay, beg if I have too haha!! Finally, I am so lucky to have my good blog buddies, they inspire me in every way, stayed with me when I rambled nonsense, encouraged and understand me ..and I have not met them - but yet, they are so special in every way. I love you all :D