Saturday, 4 July 2009


I am continually drawn to two buildings - the Petronas Twin Tower, which is still the 2nd tallest building in the world as of now, and the Skybar. So, when husband and I have the opportunity to have our night out without the kids, we opted to go to the both and test out the new toy too.

There was plenty of restaurant to eat at but we chose our favorite food, Thai and ate here, The Chakri Palace. Food was scrumptious and the service was perfect!

The largest picture in the collage is Tom Yum Goong, everyone favorite hot and sour soup.

Even though we were both full to the max at the end of the meal, I couldn't help but to order their famous Thai dessert.

Husband ordered the fried 'durian' - a first for us. Durian is this smelly fruit, which the Asians call it the King of Fruit over here, unless you have been to Asia and see, smell and taste it for yourself, I don't know how to describe it. Will blog about that later...

I certainly love this huge wooden flower decor made from teak wood, won't mind having it in my home too.

Outside the KLCC Twin Tower.

Outside KLCC at night.

Took a walk over to the Trader's Hotel to go here. The Sky Bar at 33rd Floor on it's open air pool on the roof.

The roof at Sky Bar.

Still fiddling and having not much idea on how to use this toy, I put in on one of it's auto mode to take some of the pictures inside.

Took this from exactly where I sat, I did feel like jumping into the pool and splashing everyone around.

Not much indoor lighting needed when you have this Twin Towers lighted up.

My mug shot at the Sky Bar :D

Have a great week ahead, will visit everyone soon.