Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Last weekend was a busy weekend as usual. We painted the kid's study room in lavender, a color of their choice.

Then we went on to the dry kitchen. It was funny how we chose a shade of green on the 3cm x 3cm paper/sample which looked nice or so we thought but when it was painted, it turned out to be this funny shade of green or blue. Here is part of the wall, I should have taken a picture of before but didn't. Husband and I had a shock for a few hours at first but we are getting use and liking it now. As you can see the sun streaming through the floor as the weather has been super hot here. No thanks to our neighbor - the Indonesians had been burning their forest for land clearing every year, and here everyone is suffering from our annual visit of haze.

Hot sun would mean great for shadow finding as I am missing them, so put some shells out of the kitchen window and snapped this photo. Loved the texture of the shell!

A baby elephant joined in for a shadow shot and collecting them is a hobby of mine.

It is so hot, we had the entire section of windows and doors heavily tinted, if it's not for the shadows, we will normally close the windows when the sun is burning through.

Another section of the dining hall facing the garden, yes, hot it is and I am wishing to go to the mountains. Somewhere cooling would have been so welcoming! I should trade places with Tracy in Australia :)

We're painting the TV hall this weekend and a few more rooms. So, sewing and gardening has been on hold for now. Help! The weeds and snails are taking over the garden. These snails are like lawnmowers, they come at night and eat so much that in the morning I find those baby zinnias gone.

Bye for now......hugs/M