Wednesday, 22 July 2009


After such super hot and humid days, we got what we wanted - rain, to cool the weather and clear some haze. I always love rain - as long as it's on the day I don't have to go to work. Woke up one morning and found this lotus pot almost full to the rim, had it spilled over, those fishes would have gone to fish heaven! I love this pot as it's more than 30 years old, I practically had to beg my friend's wife to give it to me. Such pots were used years ago to transport salted vegetables from China, so it is not possible to buy them anywhere easily.

Always love the pictures of flowers after the rain.

We had such a busy weekend and I have been inhaling all type of fumes. Wall paint, wood paint and worst of all, wallpaper remover chemicals in hot water fumes! One thing is for sure, there won't be any wall papering in the future - ever!
We painted this part of the living hall as I disliked that color for the longest time.

Painted it green, the shade we wanted earlier for the kitchen. I found out why we got blue earlier on for the kitchen wall. Those morons gave us the wrong paint! Somehow in pictures, the green doesn't show it's true colour, it looked like grey here.

Stripped these borders in my room and I thought I would die inhaling all those chemical fumes in hot water! This was the children's room for the past 5 years and they have outgrown all the baby-ish looking borders. The entire room had been finger printed by my son.

After the painting of my room. This is part of the wall and I had the inspiration from this picture. It was a charcoal painting of my son Danial, done last year when he was 7. The artist was from China and he did in 10 minutes, unfortunately the girls were not around at that time.

With that print and this postcard I had for the longest time, it was dated 1940 and was a wedding photo/postcard of my grandparents in the same year. It was handwritten by my paternal grandfather and I think they used them as postcards to send to their friends and relatives. I love his hand writting! This is the only remaining picture of their wedding. I redecorated the entire wall in black and white family photos dated from the 40's to 60's, will show you later when it is finished as it's still in progress now.

This is how the postcard looked like. My grandfather's parents came from China and they were poor. His mother gave him and his brother to the local church to work as alter boys and in return, they received free boarding, food and education in English and conversion into Christians. He sent all his children to English schools and me and most of my cousins were also sent to English or later Bahasa schools, thus making us 3rd generation Chinese who speaks a few fluent Chinese dialects but not knowing how to read or write in Chinese.

We have been eating lots of mangosteen every day. (no relation to mangoes)Don't you just love their purple skin?

Lots of red pitaya or dragon fruit, tropical fruits here are always in season whole year round..

..and Salak - which looks and taste like wild rambutans!

Bye for now and what's your favorite fruit? I am guessing it is not durian :D