Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Last Saturday was a happy day when I read Tracy of Pink Purl announcing I was one of the winner of her 'Stash-tacular' giveaways. Wow!! I was so happy as these squares will fit in nicely with my current interest in sewing. As usual, I've got tons of ideas though most times quite clueless as of how to do it :P So, thank you Tracy for being so generous and inspiring to me too and these fabrics are the prettiest and sweetest pink I can ever find.

Another big thank you to Joo of Urban stories for this award, my apologies for taking such a long time to post it. I am happy that you thought of good ol' me too :D

A few of you asked about the traveling journal and "Do Not Leave Unattended!" project. It was a journal that was being sent to different people all over the world and we are given 2 weeks to write, scribble, decorate in any way we like. After the 2 weeks period, this journal will be mailed to another person somewhere around the globe. Mine came from a Malaysian who started the journal and after me, I sent it off to another lady in Australia and it just goes on. Most people will blog about it..but as you can see, I am late in doing so as it was done end of last year.

I searched forever in my archives to look for these pictures, I knew I had them but not sure where they have been filed in. Here are the famous DURIAN pictures for those who has not seen it. Also known as the smelly or stinky fruit, it is an acquired taste. Most locals eat them, I am not a big fan but the husband and children are, so they tend to smuggle some durians home when I am not around. However, there is no escaping these fruit, you can smell them a mile away!

Took these photos at our local supermarket. Most Malaysians won't be happy with anyone snapping their photos but this guy was quite cool..and he was not Malaysian anyway, he was a Nepalese working there.

Durians are a thorny fruit, so you will need to handle them with care.

They are probably the most expensive local fruit there is, available everywhere in Asia.

This custard looking durian has a seed in each fruit, still can't describe the taste or smell as there's nothing near it. You either love it or not!

Talking about stinky fruit, here's the 'petai'. This bitter fruit/vegetable doesn't stink but it's the after effect of eating it that makes everyone run away from you. I guess it should be on everyone's 'must try' list if you are here for the first time :D

So what's everyone's plan for the weekend? I've got my usual battle of the weeds coming up as the garden has been neglected for some time. Unless it's a weed that is as pretty as this ones growing in my desert rose plant, they'll have to go.

Talking about plants, found these old pictures taken from a nursery near home a long time ago. I won't mind having them...but they are also way too costly.

A 'pineapple' inspired bamboo tree.

It is Friday now and I am already doing my countdown to Saturday. Husband and I are currently busy with rooms makeover at home, starting with the kid's study room and we have our hands full with so many things to do. Weekend's just too short but have a great one anyway.