Friday, 31 July 2009


I found some of these Chinese arts/painting in my laptop, pictures taken a few months ago during the Chinese New Year period as the mall was promoting this particular artiest from China. He used a small stone and dipped colors to paint words and pictures. I thought he was so talented.

Someone's name Tarloak...what a funny name.

A close up, every single alphabet is formed with something so beautiful.

You can give him your family name and he will create an entire poem like this.

Here is seen drawing the name Mohamad for some Arab guest. You have a choice of paper or in this case, on a bamboo screen.

More sample.

As for the simple things in life, I enjoy the company of my children. Though work is more than usual, I am so happy to spend more time with them...when they are not bickering over who to sit in front or middle in the car.

For SSS players, happy shadow shooting :)

Happy weekend everyone, mine always start on Friday and we have some crazy weather here. The temp was 39 celcius, extremely hot and humid, it's like walking under a sauna the whole day but thank goodness we are having more morning rain than usual.